Simple Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Product Offline

8 Jan

Digital advertising has come to be the go-to platform for a lot of qualified services
businesses. Paralleled to traditional advertising, online struggles are simple to evaluate and, fascinatingly enough, repeatedly less costly.

Even so, a lot of outmoded, offline advertising strategies can be operational at constructing and assisting your SEO company’s online brand. In fact, the publicizing stratagems that bring about the largest influence use a mixture of both online and offline techniques.

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Four Cheap But Tangible Gifts To Give This Christmas

10 Nov


Contrary to what we think, our customers actually know how important it is to prepare early for Christmas. The only thing is majority of them really do not have an idea on what to really do considering the fact that many are on a lean budget and at the same time willing to do the best with such amount.  Continue reading


4 Mar


So your print jobs get delivered from the press, colours look different, white lines by the edges and you are totally upset with the printing press… Let me ask, did you prepare the artwork or design for print? A lot of us (graphic designers) tend to ignore the responsibility of this important process, you may have created a fantastic design but if not prepared properly for print, it wouldn’t look exactly fantastic.


If you haven’t prepared a design for press before, here’s a quick guide from my experience in the print media industry. I’ve made quite a few errors – from not sending the right artwork size, wrong colours, displaced pages etc, but I’m better now *smiling*.


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Matte or Gloss Lamination

10 Nov


We understand lamination types are things only printers should worry about but recently, we have been asked by customers what type of lamination is better, whether matte lamination or gloss lamination. The simple truth is you can never go wrong with matte lamination. While gloss lamination has its own advantages and certain projects such as posters and other wider surface prints are better with gloss lamination. Matte wins all the the time. Matte laminations adds a feel of luxury to prints and you can easy write on a matte laminated card with a ball point pen. Matte lamination also reduce the possibility of glare. We don’t know how true this is but we have heard that gloss laminated projects usually look cheap. We always advice customers to go with matte lamination options for print project. As we have discovered, YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WITH MATTE.

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