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The Power of Promotional Items: How to Boost Brand Visibility with Prints!

Promotional items have become increasingly popular in the corporate world as companies continue to seek
ways to enhance brand visibility and recognition. These items, often customized with a company’s logo
or slogan, serve as tangible reminders of a brand and its values.


Flyers and brochures

The Benefits of Promotional Items: Enhancing Brand Visibility and Recognition

The benefits of using promotional items
are numerous.

Firstly, by distributing these items to potential customers at trade shows or conferences,
businesses can increase their visibility among a wider audience.

As recipients of these promotional
products use them in their day-to-day lives, they inadvertently promote the brand every time they pull out
a pen with a company logo or wear a t-shirt with a catchy slogan.

Moreover, consistent exposure to
the brand logo enhances brand recognition, making it easier for consumers to recall a brand when making
purchasing decisions. As such, promotional items not only serve as advertising tools but also as effective
means of fostering brand loyalty and credibility.

promotional items

Choosing the Right Promotional Products to Maximize Impact and Reach

Promotional products have proven to be a successful tool for businesses to increase brand visibility and
reach a wide audience. However, simply distributing any type of promotional item may not effectively
maximize impact. It is crucial for businesses to carefully select the right promotional products that align
with their brand values and target audience.

By choosing items that are relevant and useful to their potential customers, businesses can ensure their promotional products will not only be appreciated but also utilized on a regular basis. For example, a fitness brand may opt for branded water bottles or gym towels, while a tech company may choose USB drives or phone accessories.

The key is to select items that are durable,
of high quality, and customizable, ensuring that they reflect the brand’s image and message effectively.
By doing so, businesses can capitalize on the potential of promotional products to enhance their brand
visibility and leave a lasting impression on their target market.

Creative Strategies for Effective Brand Promotion –  Leveraging Promotional Prints

One creative strategy for effective brand promotion is leveraging promotional prints.

Promotional prints refer to any printed material that showcases a brand’s message or logo with the intention of promoting brand visibility.

This strategy can be applied through various mediums such as brochures, flyers, posters, and direct mailings.

By strategically placing these promotional prints in high-traffic areas or distributing them to target audiences, companies can effectively convey their brand message and increase brand awareness.

Additionally, promotional prints can be customized to suit a company’s specific goals and target audience, thereby enhancing their effectiveness. For example, a company targeting young adults may create vibrant and trendy posters for college campuses, while a luxury brand may opt for sophisticated and elegant postcards to appeal to its target demographic.

In summary, leveraging promotional prints is a creative and versatile strategy that can significantly boost brand visibility and engagement when applied strategically.

Measuring the Success of Promotional Items for Brand Visibility

One common way to measure the success of promotional items is by evaluating the return on investment (ROI) for brand visibility.

ROI is a financial metric that assesses the profitability and effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

In the context of promotional items, ROI can be calculated by comparing the cost of producing and distributing the items with the increase in brand visibility they generate. This can be achieved by tracking metrics such as website traffic, social media engagement, and customer inquiries. By analyzing these metrics, businesses can determine whether their promotional items are providing a satisfactory return on investment and adjust their strategies accordingly. Additionally, ROI evaluations can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of specific promotional items, allowing businesses to identify which items are most successful in boosting brand visibility and allocate resources accordingly.

Overall, evaluating ROI for brand visibility can help businesses make informed decisions about their
promotional item strategies and maximize the impact of their marketing efforts. For the best promotional prints, log on to or call/Whatsapp at 08091085333

Marketing Prints Valentine

5 Marketing Materials to Promote your Valentine Campaign


Image showing gift boxes

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and we understand that businesses are as prepared to utilize the season. This is to enhance sales as well as brand awareness. For the effectiveness of every campaign, prints have been discovered to play a major role. A study carried out by the American Marketing Association further gives credence to this. This is a result of its tangibility. People find it easier to remember a brand whose tangible item they possess.

So, here are a couple of prints to boost your Valentine’s marketing campaign;


1. Flyers

Image showing flyers

Flyers are foundational to any campaign. You simply need to ensure that it is well designed with a love theme and printed ahead of time. This is to enable you to have ample time to spread the message about your valentine’s packages.


2. Posters

Image showing a poster

Posters are quite effective when it comes to grabbing the attention of people. However, be sure to use clear and attractive images, and bold text, and include vital details about your brand. Additionally, your neatly designed posters should be placed at strategic locations. This implies locations that are known to have an influx of people. Remember to add a call to action to your posters.


3. Stickers

Image showing a marketing sticker

Stickers have the advantage of affordability/durability. This is due to the adhesives which are on one side of it. Hence, they are a good fit for valentine’s marketing. Simply craft a good and short copy. Also, remember to include your brand details and quality images.

4. Banners

Image showing a Flex banner

Large-format prints have always been known to be great attention grabbers. These include Roll banners, X banners, A-frames, Flex banners, etc. Write a good copy and include clear images. These could be images of your valentine related products and be sure to include necessary details about your business. These banners should be placed at strategic locations.

5. Brochures

Image showing a brochure for marketing

One of the most important marketing materials for businesses is Brochures. They are cost-effective and easy to distribute. Brochures offer a good space to talk as well as show a little about your brand, valentine’s packages, etc. You could add them to packaging materials prior to valentine’s day or have them distributed to passersby.


To round this up, remember to begin your marketing early. You know what they say about the early bird catching the worm right? Also, know that your marketing would work better when you connect your brand to people’s emotions. Get ready to spread the love all over town!


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Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs Branded Calendars


Wall calendar

One of the effective marketing tools used by businesses is branded calendars which usually contain the brand logo, product pictures, and other necessary details. A calendar is a chart or sequence of pages showing the days, weeks, months, and some public holidays/special events of a specific year. It can be designed in different ways but the most popular ones are Wall and Table or desk calendars.

Uses of a Calendar

  1. Tracking- Calendars are great for keeping tabs on events and activities.
  2. Identification- With them, recognition of days, weeks, and months is made possible.
  3. Planning- Scheduling of activities is made easy with them.

Why you should make calendars

Over time, many businesses have come up with the idea of making branded calendars. These kinds of calendars often contain the usual days, weeks, and months of a specific year but they also include the logo and other necessary details about the business. To make it more pleasing to the eye, some of these brands add images of a few of their products and services.

Are you a business owner still unsure why you should join the bandwagon? Here are a few reasons;

1. Good Promotional items


Handing out promotional items is one thing, but offering good promotional items your audience will find very useful is another vital thing. Everybody uses calendars, and most people have at least one at home. And I bet you that a large portion of them was given out as promotional items. They can also be used to appreciate your customers.

2. Increases brand awareness

An image showing a table calendar for a food business

At times, what a business might need to increase its visibility could be a calendar. A well-designed calendar easily gets the attention of people. The more people look at it, even if it’s for the sole aim of tracking an event, the better awareness they get regarding your brand. A calendar also provides the opportunity to put your brand in front of different people and at multiple locations, such as the calendar placed in the house and the one they put that is placed on a desk at work.

3. Keeps your business in the minds of Clients/Prospects

Since calendars are visited almost every day, it makes your business seen almost every day too. Clients and prospects are unconsciously reminded of you once the need arises for any of your services, you immediately pop up in their minds.

4. Useful marketing tool

Wherever calendars are hung or placed, they perform the function of spreading the news about your business. If you’ve got new products or even the old ones and you need to inform people about them, making a calendar containing these pictures would be a brilliant idea.

5. Gives easy access

Image showing a wall calendar

Branded calendars usually contain the brand logo, contact address, and other necessary details about the business.  This helps clients and prospects to seamlessly access them once the need arises. They can easily look up their walls or the table calendars placed on their office desk to contact the business.


Imagine having a client show up at your store to thank you for the calendar you gave him. He further narrates how he almost missed his flight but for the fact that he looked up his walls to behold your calendar and suddenly noticed that his flight was scheduled for that same day. The importance of calendars to business owners should therefore never be underestimated.


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Marketing Prints

Tips to make your Flyers Effective

A4 Flyers


Flyers are inexpensive marketing materials useful for promoting products, events, and services. They exist in diverse sizes which include DL, A4, A5, and A6. Depending on your choice and purpose, you could either have them printed as single-sided or double-sided.

The following are the top things you should include in your flyer designs to get your desired results;

1. Name of Business/Event


The name of the brand or event you would like to promote should be included in your flyer. This should be placed at the top and serve as the headline. Remember to use a clear font when writing this.

2. Contact detailsA5 Single sided handbill


This includes email addresses, phone numbers, and social media handles. Any medium through which you can be reached should be included on your flyer to ease accessibility. There is no point in printing flyers without adding your contact information to them. You don’t want to deprive your potential clients of the privilege of reaching out to you.

3. Quality images

Handbill for a cake business

Images are good at grabbing people’s attention. To attract people, the images on your flyers must be of good quality. It gives your clients /prospects a peep into how much of a quality product and services you offer.

4. Brief Product/event details

Business flyer

What is that event or product you are trying to promote? Include a brief description or testimonial about it. By doing so, people tend to trust your brand better.

5. Call to Action


An effective flyer must direct its recipients to carry out an action. This could be to buy a product, attend an event, sign up for a newsletter, etc. Either way, never print a flyer without adding a Call to action.

6. Freebies

This is optional though. But, most people love freebies. Adding freebies to your flyers is sure to grab the attention of people. It could be in form of a discount, coupon code, branded gifts, and lots more.


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Food Business Marketing Prints

Essential Prints For Food Businesses

An image showing a Trifold brochure for a food business


The food business is believed to be one of the fast-growing ones among the various classifications of businesses that exist. Why? It’s simply because we all have to eat!

Like every other business,  advertising is essential for the food business. Against the common belief that online marketing is all that is most important now, we’d like to share some prints that we believe would be beneficial to your food business. Aside from advertising, prints can also serve as good promotional and packaging items for food businesses.

Here are some beneficial prints every food business owner should utilize:



image showing a Flex Banner (7ft x 3ft)

Banners are particularly useful due to their size. It works well for visibility, announcing discounts, and introducing new dishes among others.

Coupon card

To increase sales, coupon codes could be written on small cards and given to clients and customers to enable them to save more and enjoy discounts on their next order. As a result, customers feel good patronizing such brands.

Thank you/ Greeting card

An image showing a Thank you card

We all love to be appreciated. These could be added to clients’ orders when making deliveries. It helps clients feel loved. Similarly, greeting cards help clients feel important.

Business card

Image showing a twos sided business card with matte lamination

To connect and tell others about your brand and what you offer, a professional business card does it better. Because of its portable size, it is considered to be one of the best marketing/ branding tools.


Image of around business card for a food business

These help your brand stick in the minds of clients/ prospects.


Image showing an A6 single sided flyer

These small leaflets are useful promotional/marketing items that give tangibility to your business.



Useful promotional items that can be hung in restaurants.


Image showing a Navy blue T-shirt

Useful for promoting your brand everywhere they’re worn.

Menu cards

An image showing a food menu card

To know the available dishes at an event, restaurant, etc, menu cards work better because they make ordering easy.

Paper bag

Image of a paper bag

Useful for packaging food and can also be given as promotional gifts to loyal customers.

Door hangers, window clings, branded aprons, brochures, tags, and letterheads are other beneficial prints. The above print products are very effective for the promotion of food businesses. Therefore, they should be embraced. Consequently, we at Printivo are committed to making sure food entrepreneurs get quality prints.

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