Four Cheap But Tangible Gifts To Give This Christmas

10 Nov


Contrary to what we think, our customers actually know how important it is to prepare early for Christmas. The only thing is majority of them really do not have an idea on what to really do considering the fact that many are on a lean budget and at the same time willing to do the best with such amount.  Continue reading

Five Reasons You Should Print Business Cards For Your Employees.

21 Apr


Let’s start by saying this, the business card is not a piece of paper reserved for key players in an organisation. It is a communication material that will help to move your business forward, build your brand and bring in new business.  A business card is your instant contact details, it’s branding in action, and it’s advertising. It puts you on the map and it makes an impression. It’s a reminder to others that your businesses still exist. It’s improving the chance someone will think of you when they need help in that particular area of their life, even if its two years down the line. We put together four reasons we believe your employees should carry a pack of business cards with them. Continue reading