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5 Marketing Materials to Promote your Valentine Campaign


Image showing gift boxes

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and we understand that businesses are as prepared to utilize the season. This is to enhance sales as well as brand awareness. For the effectiveness of every campaign, prints have been discovered to play a major role. A study carried out by the American Marketing Association further gives credence to this. This is a result of its tangibility. People find it easier to remember a brand whose tangible item they possess.

So, here are a couple of prints to boost your Valentine’s marketing campaign;


1. Flyers

Image showing flyers

Flyers are foundational to any campaign. You simply need to ensure that it is well designed with a love theme and printed ahead of time. This is to enable you to have ample time to spread the message about your valentine’s packages.


2. Posters

Image showing a poster

Posters are quite effective when it comes to grabbing the attention of people. However, be sure to use clear and attractive images, and bold text, and include vital details about your brand. Additionally, your neatly designed posters should be placed at strategic locations. This implies locations that are known to have an influx of people. Remember to add a call to action to your posters.


3. Stickers

Image showing a marketing sticker

Stickers have the advantage of affordability/durability. This is due to the adhesives which are on one side of it. Hence, they are a good fit for valentine’s marketing. Simply craft a good and short copy. Also, remember to include your brand details and quality images.

4. Banners

Image showing a Flex banner

Large-format prints have always been known to be great attention grabbers. These include Roll banners, X banners, A-frames, Flex banners, etc. Write a good copy and include clear images. These could be images of your valentine related products and be sure to include necessary details about your business. These banners should be placed at strategic locations.

5. Brochures

Image showing a brochure for marketing

One of the most important marketing materials for businesses is Brochures. They are cost-effective and easy to distribute. Brochures offer a good space to talk as well as show a little about your brand, valentine’s packages, etc. You could add them to packaging materials prior to valentine’s day or have them distributed to passersby.


To round this up, remember to begin your marketing early. You know what they say about the early bird catching the worm right? Also, know that your marketing would work better when you connect your brand to people’s emotions. Get ready to spread the love all over town!


To get any of the above-mentioned valentine marketing campaign prints, see Printivo.


Budget-friendly Gifts for your Loved Ones this Valentine


Image reflecting Valentine Day

We have all been looking forward to Valentine’s Day and now, it’s just a few days away (whoosh)!  We trust you are getting ready for the special day (winks).

This day is popularly known as one that is set aside to express love. Now, the question is to whom should this love be expressed to and how should it be done?

As opposed to the popular belief that Valentine’s day is basically for lovers, we believe that everyone is important and thus should be celebrated. Could be co-workers, friends, neighbours, parents, boss, etc. Who doesn’t deserve love?


On the question of how? A study carried out by Chan states that material gifts strengthen relationships more. One might think a box of chocolates or teddy bears are good but do they really communicate love effectively? Maybe or Maybe not.


So here are a few affordable/thoughtful Valentine gift ideas for your loved ones this season.


Yeah, they are gifts your loved ones are sure would love to use these over and over again. Of course, this makes you top of their minds.

Shall we get started already?


1. Valentine Card


Image of a Valentine card

With custom valentine cards, you’ll be showing off your creativity to your loved one using your own words and images. You could put your choice words/images on the blank Valentine cards. Despite the array of cards available at stores, a personalized card would make their day and communicate your message creatively.


2. Custom Throw Pillow

Custom gift

Give the gift of a lovely cuddle and comfort using a customized Throw pillow. Aside from that, they add to the aesthetics of your valentine’s environment. Believe us when we say that, your loved ones will definitely appreciate this. They could be customized using their favourite pictures, choice words, etc.


3. Personalized Mug

Image showing a Mug gifts

There’s no better feeling than relaxing after a long day while drinking from a personalized mug that has one’s image, favourite quote, etc. Your loved ones would surely appreciate this unique gift from you. Plus, the more they use the mug, the more their heart appreciates you. With as low as 2,500, you can get a mug from Printivo.


4. Custom Notepad and Pen

Image showing a gifts

Notepads/pens are one of the most versatile gift items. They are suitable for brainstorming, writing meeting minutes, shopping lists, etc. Additionally, these notepads/pens can be customized to your taste. You could customize it using the image of you and your loved one, an image of their favourite place, favourite quotes, colours, etc.


5. Wall Canvas

Image showing gifts of Wall canva

Your loved ones will surely appreciate a neatly designed wall canvas in their space. If the recipient is a lover of nature, you could design them using images that show the beautiful work of nature. Also, they could be designed using the image of you and your loved ones, etc. Wall canvas is one of the most appreciated valentine’s gifts as they add a touch of beauty wherever they are placed.


6. T-shirts and Hoodies

Image showing a gift Tshirt

Looking good has always been a good business. If your partner is the fashionable type then, a cute t-shirt or hoodie with your chosen design wouldn’t be a bad idea. Besides, they get to rock it with their full chest knowing it’s custom-made for them. (Smiles) More so, with as low as N3,500, you could get a T-shirt from Printivo.


7. Photo calendar

Image showing a budget-friendly gift

A picture they say is worth more than a thousand words. Waking up each day to a photo calendar makes you get a tingle. These photo calendars can be customized using different beautiful images of you and your partner or loved ones, quotes, etc. You are sure to score good points with them with our unique photo calendars.


Additionally, you could add some wow effect to your gifts using customized wrappers. This can be printed using your choice of design or words. Believe us, this would surely add some sparkle to the unboxing experience.


Whether you are looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for her or him or any of your loved ones, these selections are the most affordable Valentine’s Day gifts, which really express genuine love and care.