Food Business Marketing Prints

Essential Prints For Food Businesses

An image showing a Trifold brochure for a food business


The food business is believed to be one of the fast-growing ones among the various classifications of businesses that exist. Why? It’s simply because we all have to eat!

Like every other business,  advertising is essential for the food business. Against the common belief that online marketing is all that is most important now, we’d like to share some prints that we believe would be beneficial to your food business. Aside from advertising, prints can also serve as good promotional and packaging items for food businesses.

Here are some beneficial prints every food business owner should utilize:



image showing a Flex Banner (7ft x 3ft)

Banners are particularly useful due to their size. It works well for visibility, announcing discounts, and introducing new dishes among others.

Coupon card

To increase sales, coupon codes could be written on small cards and given to clients and customers to enable them to save more and enjoy discounts on their next order. As a result, customers feel good patronizing such brands.

Thank you/ Greeting card

An image showing a Thank you card

We all love to be appreciated. These could be added to clients’ orders when making deliveries. It helps clients feel loved. Similarly, greeting cards help clients feel important.

Business card

Image showing a twos sided business card with matte lamination

To connect and tell others about your brand and what you offer, a professional business card does it better. Because of its portable size, it is considered to be one of the best marketing/ branding tools.


Image of around business card for a food business

These help your brand stick in the minds of clients/ prospects.


Image showing an A6 single sided flyer

These small leaflets are useful promotional/marketing items that give tangibility to your business.



Useful promotional items that can be hung in restaurants.


Image showing a Navy blue T-shirt

Useful for promoting your brand everywhere they’re worn.

Menu cards

An image showing a food menu card

To know the available dishes at an event, restaurant, etc, menu cards work better because they make ordering easy.

Paper bag

Image of a paper bag

Useful for packaging food and can also be given as promotional gifts to loyal customers.

Door hangers, window clings, branded aprons, brochures, tags, and letterheads are other beneficial prints. The above print products are very effective for the promotion of food businesses. Therefore, they should be embraced. Consequently, we at Printivo are committed to making sure food entrepreneurs get quality prints.

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