Reasons You Need Business Cards as an Entrepreneur

25 May

Whether you are a brand owner doubting if a business card would be helpful or a new business owner without one, here are reasons you need business cards as an entrepreneur. Business Card is an item every business owner must have especially in this 21st century. It is a credit card sized printed paper which often contains vital information about a particular business.

Business card

A pack of Business card carefully placed in a card case.

Due to its size, it’s highly mobile and this has contributed to its popularity and usage in this modern age.

The question then is, do SME owners also need business cards? If so, how would it benefit them? Well, the answer is simply yes and the benefits are explained below:

1. It promotes brands

Due to its size, it can be easily transported from one place to another making it easy to reach prospect without the barrier of size. Therefore, the brand receives more recognition when the card gets to the hands of more people.

2. Increases brand visibility

Business card helps to bring offline friends to the online community. After all, your social media handles would be on the card. By so doing, your brand visibility increases too.

3. Enables business accessibility

Whenever your service is needed, prospects who have your cards will be able to reach you in time. Remember, your business card also contains contact details. So this gives people easy access to your brand.

4. Shows level of professionalism

With a business card, your level of professionality is expressed. Your clients also feel they are in good hands. After all, nobody wants to engage the services of  a non professional. So, having a business card eliminates you from the later. Your prospects feel safe with your brand.

In all, the benefits of a business card to an SME owner are numerous and cannot be exhausted in this post.

Please note that a business card that is not creatively designed cannot achieve the above mentioned. Therefore, as you prepare to get one for your business, ensure its beautifully designed.

Finally, without a BUSINESS Card, your business isn’t complete and would be stunted. Therefore, show me an SME owner without a beautifully designed business card and I will show you one who hates his business.

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Small Business

23 Feb

2021 could be the best year yet for your small business. To improve business activities, you can begin with the little things that won’t cost so much then, you can proceed to the capital intensive ones.

An entrepreneur
Here are 5 easy ways you can improve your small business before the year ends.

1. Genuine assessment

Take a good look at your business. Find out what products aren’t selling, what products or services should you really be selling, etc. Make the necessary changes to get rid of what slows you down, improve on what is currently working well and add what will improve your business generally.

2. Build a team

While you may be very passionate about your startup, you won’t achieve success by going about it all on your own. Trying to do everything yourself will burn you out or slow your progress.
One major key to growing is to learn what to hold on to and know what to trust to others.
Too many small business owners who try to do most things by themselves may end up doing less.

3. Study your competition

You don’t have to copy your competition. Do this to figure out what they are not offering. Find out what opportunities exist that no one else is taking advantage of.

4. Study industry trends/Research

Perhaps the buying habits of your customers are changing. A simple survey of your customers can help you identify these changes. Or maybe there are global trends that no one has applied to your industry yet.

5. Find a way to stand out

Find out how you can be better than your competition. It could be to; commit to better customer service, embrace corporate responsibility and give back to your community or you could offer a guarantee.

Applying these tips could help make a significant change in your business. Subscribe to our newsletter for more business tips on how to start or grow a business.



The Ultimate Marketing Checklist For End of Year Sales

20 Nov

Irrespective of the kind of business you do, having an end of year marketing plan gets you better prepared for the holiday rush.

Goals plans dreams make to do list for new year christmas concept writing in notebook.

As an entrepreneur or sales personnel, it’s important to end the year strong and one of the keys to achieving that is early preparation. All businesses; whether online or brick and mortar can make a huge profit during the holiday season, provided adequate preparation is made to handle the rush.  If by November, you still don’t have a plan for the season, It’s not too late. We’ve got you covered!  Continue reading