5 Ways to Effectively Use Planners for Business Productivity

14 Jan

One of the best things entrepreneurs can invest their time in is learning how to become more productive. This would surely go a long way to determine how much growth such a business would experience within a given period of time.



  1. Creation of Monthly Goals

It’s okay to create business goals for the year but they can only become more realistic when those yearly goals are further broken down into monthly goals. With planners, entrepreneurs can easily create and write out their monthly goals which give them some sense of responsibility. After all, what you don’t write them down, you are more likely to forget.

  1. Finance Monitoring

More often than not, the pressures of entrepreneurship can be so overwhelming that they affect finances. Hence, with planners, entrepreneurs can easily track their financial habits. They also get to know areas of improvement as well as praise-worthy financial habits to continue.

  1. Monitoring Daily Progress

Most times, entrepreneurs just get to work without out rightly checking if they are giving cognizance to the right things or not. Planners enable entrepreneurs to write their daily to-do lists and at the end, they are able to tick off the achieved ones. This on the other hand helps them to know which activities to prioritize and which ones to delegate to their workers. 

  1. Home of Idea

For business owners, planners serve as a home of ideas. Once any business-related idea flashes through their minds, these could easily be written down inside a planner. This would help to avoid forgetfulness. In due course, these ideas can be worked upon to enhance business growth.

  1. Time Management

One of the most important assets entrepreneurs have is time. With planners, entrepreneurs despite always having much to do are able to manage their time properly. They get to know the activities they ought to channel their energy towards and those that can be delegated.  With everything written down and given its own block of time, business owners can go more easily from one responsibility to the next. There is so much less stress when we don’t have to worry that we’re forgetting something.


In all, who doesn’t like the feeling of accomplishment? That is one of the things having a planner gives to its users. More so, motivation is increased for more business productivity and growth.



 Tips to Boost your Business in 2022

7 Jan

Image showing the text-tips to boost your business in 2022

2022 has begun and it is a good time to reflect on the previous year and set actionable goals for the new year.

It is also a perfect time to seek ways to improve and be more productive in the coming months. But worthy of note is whether these same thoughts have been considered regarding your business. After all, your business also deserves better goals and developments.

Here are a few tips to get your business organized and productive all through the year.

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Holiday Marketing Mistakes To Avoid This Year

26 Nov

Capitalizing on holiday seasons to market your business is a great way to bring in sales. It comes with the opportunity to create product bundles, and upsell and cross-sell to new and existing customers. 

While it is okay to aggressively market your products and services during the holiday season, there are also some pitfalls you should avoid and that’s why we’ve put together these tips for you. 

Here are a few of them:

Not designing your campaign for your target audience

Any campaign that is done without having a target audience is most likely a waste of resources. Find out your marketing audience and direct your campaign to them.

Late planning

Once you are late in brainstorming about the holiday marketing strategy to use, your brand is more likely to go through some hassles due to the rush hour preparation. You are likely to miss out on important things to include in your campaign.

Focusing on only one marketing tactic

Many entrepreneurs love to focus on their usual marketing technique and this may not produce the desired result. Find out new techniques you can use and utilize them.

Focusing only on Christmas

Christmas isn’t the only celebration of the year. Don’t assume that all your customers celebrate Christmas. Find out other important dates and create campaigns to suit them.

Not having enough stock

There is a high possibility of customer influx during the holiday season. Therefore, it would be unwise of business owners to just focus on marketing without restocking to accommodate the expected influx.

Not upgrading the website to accommodate customer influx

It has become common for customers to experience technical hitches while trying to shop online during the holidays season. This can be avoided if the website is upgraded before time to accommodate the expected traffic.

We would love to see your marketing campaign succeed this year. If you would like to have marketing materials that will help promote your business, click here.



The Ankara Dentist

15 Nov

Fabrics business is one of the businesses with a high rate of customer influx. This buttresses the saying that; ‘looking good is good business. Hence, we had an interview session with one of the fast-growing entrepreneurs in the industry.

We featured the creative director of a notable online fabric store in this edition of Customer Showcase. Her name is Rolayo Williams-Lasebikan. She owns The Ankara Dentist store. It is a fashion business that specializes in fabrics such as Ankara, Cashmere Wool, Silk, Chiffon, and Adire.

Rolayo narrates how she has managed to be a dentist and an entrepreneur while speaking with our team.         

Read the interview below

A picture showing  Rolayo Williams-Lasebikan, CEO, The Ankara Dentist

Rolayo Williams-Lasebikan, CEO, The Ankara Dentist

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