Seven smart ways to boost your business in the New year

printivo_happy_new_yearAs we all prepare to embrace the new year with awesome plans to grow our businesses better in 2018. Here are seven smart things you can do to boost your business in the new year.

1. Set achievable goals for every area of your business.

In plan words, plan ahead for everything and find ways to get things done cheaper, faster and more efficiently. Be specific about each goals on how, when and  who will execute. Write down every detail step hit the ground running in the new year.

2. Use technology like a boss.

Forget what they told you about nothing serious happening on social media. Small businesses are growing using the possibilities of social media and other great marketing platforms made easy by technology. Take time to learn how the internet can help you drive business growth and go ahead to take actions. It’s your business, Grow It.

3. Delegate some daily activities.

As a business owner, it’s possible to get occupied with daily activities that occupies your time that you actually delegate so you can focus on things that matter. Go ahead and delegate them, let your team handle things and learn with you.

4. Train your team.

If you did not do this in 2017, do it in 2018. If you did it in 2017, do it better in 2018. Your team is the must important part of your business. Invest heavily in training them. Show them better, smarter and more efficient ways of doing things. You business will gain a lot in this.

5. Make a new crown for your customers.

The customer is still on king and that is never going to change. Engage your customers better, deliver more, give every customer a reason to come back in the new year. They are the reason your are in business.

6. Find new ways to wow everyone in the new year.

Business is about people. From your customers, to your employee, your investors, the media and everyone that is important to your business. Find smart ways to wow everyone. Send out handwritten thank you notes for the year past year.  Send out gifts your customers will surely use. Create gifts items that will not just wow those who believe in your business but will also make them remember you. Seize every opportunity you find to wow your customers.

7. Market more.

Your first role as a business owner is to grow your business, and one great way to do that after doing everything else is to increase your marketing. It’s possible to do this without increasing marketing spend significantly. Find smarter and cheaper means to get the world our there about your business.

Welcome to your 2018. Go out there and be awesome




By Oluyomi Ojo

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