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Customer Showcase – Jaya’s Cravings

From inception, we have been a small business print solution provider, empowering creatives with early access to top-quality printing and branding services. Over the years, we have learned a lot from our customers.

We have seen some grow from owning one product to multiple products, from having a 9 – 5 to being full-time entrepreneurs. The Printivo Customer Showcase is about sharing stories and ideas about the businesses of our customers.

We get to learn the different ways of making small businesses great and the best part is that we get to share the entire details with you, esteemed community member. 

And to guide you through the process of achieving this, we interview our customers with interesting and inspiring businesses where we ask them about the solutions their businesses offer, their startup story, marketing, and promotions tools, how print products have helped their businesses, and the business advice for future entrepreneurs. 


In this edition, you will get to know how two sisters – Kemi Anazodo and Dera Anazodo, built a confectionery and bakery business amid the Covid 19 pandemic and scaled it till they got a walk-in store for it. 

About Jaya’s Cravings

JAYA  is an upscale, luxury, confectionery business, owned and managed by Kemi Anazodo and Dera Anazodo. It is located at 150 Awolowo Way, Ikoyi, Lagos.  They specialize in desserts, cakes with unique designs, ready-to-go cakes, sweet treats, and lots more.

We spoke with the Head Chef, Dera Anazodo and she gave an insight into how Jaya’s Cravings was birthed and how they move from selling to family and friends to the public

Here’s what she told us about the business


About Dera Anazodo

My name is Dera and I am the Head Chef at JAYA confectioneries also known as JAYA’s Cravings on Instagram. I am a trained chef and I went to culinary school in New York. I have seen people use quality products and sort of that appeal of making things look beautiful and I think that’s one thing I thought about when it came to JAYA. It is important to make our product look nice and also taste good. 

What inspired you and your sister/partner to start Jaya?

That’s a very interesting question. I think a lot of people would think that Jaya was well planned and we decided to go into this business. But honestly, It wasn’t. Jaya started with my sister and me. Her name is Kemi.

We started Jaya during the Covid 19 pandemic. We were both out of work and had nothing to do. We were home and bored and I have a background in culinary art and pastry art and so we decided to just start baking.

I would bake and she was the one attending to customers, we forced a few aunties and uncles here and there to taste our items and buy from us. We fed their friends and honestly that’s how we started. We started really small, you know, getting one order every month and we were so excited about it and we put our all into it till it became what it is today and it is still growing.

Yeah, Jaya started during Covid.

At Jaya,

We like to add creativity to everything that we do and we like to bring people’s dreams to life, be it cakes or flavors. We have some interesting flavors on our menu, especially for people who have special birthdays or special events, weddings, whatever it is they are trying to celebrate. So we focus on trying to bring their own flavors and things that they like to live and we have fun and enjoy doing that. So that’s sort of JAYA in a nutshell. 


How did you come up with the business name?


People are also interested in how the name JAYA came to be. That’s the first thing people always ask. JAYA came from the name “Jayanma” which is an Igbo name and means “glorify Him or praise Him – (God)”.

So, JAYA means glory. JAYA is beautiful so that is how that name came about.


Advice to businesses starting out

For any business “starting out” honestly I feel like the best thing I would say is just to start. Just start. It doesn’t matter where you are. You don’t have to think through it. You don’t have to, you know… figure out oh this is how I want to start, this is what I want to do. Just start. 


What makes Jaya unique?

We pride ourselves in quality.

We always focus ourselves on the quality of the ingredients that we use and our customer experience and we want to make sure that everybody that interacts with JAYA, whether it’s your first time, whether it’s your fifth time, your tenth time you are getting the best of our experience the best of your experience so customer care is very important to us. And if you’ve been to our social media, we are very focused on very clean aesthetics. We like minimalism, we don’t like too much force. So you know, trying to get the point across, the image across, the message, whatever the customer is trying to express through their cakes or their desserts but in a very clean minimalist and, you know, eye-catching and appetizing way. 

What Prints do you source from Printivo?

So we use a variety of products from Printivo. We use tags, those tags are wrapped with our JAYA ribbons. We also use stickers, a lot of stickers so all our cake slices have Printivo stickers on them. All our cakes, We have big cakes packaged. Our packaging always has a Printivo sticker from top to bottom. We use a lot of stickers from Printivo and also tags and  Thankyou Cards. Our Thank You Cards are also designed by Printivo and business cards


I would say that Printivo products are very good quality. It is also part of our image as JAYA. So we get a lot of feedback from customers that our packaging is very nice and people reach back to us based on the information that is put and how it is created. 

So I would say that Printivo products help us also get customers and also because of the quality of the product it also puts us in a good light. 

Tell us about your Printivo experience

 I would put it on a scale, so on a scale of 1-10 I would put my Printivo experience at an 8 because I know there are a lot of improvements but at the same time, it’s great. I had a great experience in Printivo. I like talking to customer care, they are very nice even when you have issues here and there. They are very patient and very understanding. Always reaching back to ask you how you use the product. I definitely enjoy my Printivo experience and that’s why we keep coming back.

Jaya’s Contact Information

Location: 150 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos – Nigeria

Instagram Handle: @Jayascravings

Email: [email protected]

Startup Advices

After getting your business off and running, what’s next?


After getting your business off and running, the next step is to take care of it and make it flourish.  

Here are a few factors to put into consideration to help manage and grow your business. 


Now that your business is off and running, your marketing goals will relate to increasing sales, building demand for specific products and/or services, increasing awareness among specific target markets, and maintaining customer loyalty.  See a free marketing plan template here


You need money to grow – after all, you need to sustain the business, get or service machines/tools, pay bills and create more products, before the business starts yielding profit. Angel investors, friends and family, and venture capitalists can be of great help at this time.


The biggest problem in growth, especially when you’re small, is that you’ve done things a certain way that works for a smaller-scale company.  As the business grows, you will have to hire and delegate tasks. You need to have a system and a process for it. 


You need somebody who’s giving you some wisdom along the way. There are all kinds of issues around navigating as an entrepreneur that you don’t know. It’s having somebody who’s been there before to say, Hey, yeah, I remember that, and here’s what we did for it. 


As you grow, you find out the limits of what you and the company can handle.

When you realize there are other capabilities that you need, you might come up with the solution in-house or hire more people.

You might also consider employing the expertise of other like-minded businesses, whose services/products compliments yours. For instance, if you sell products, you may employ the services of a logistics company to handle the delivery of your products to your customers. 

Business stationery How to

How to Design Premium Business Cards

Image of a business card

Business cards are pocket-sized cards that contain basic information about a brand or individual. For many prospects, a business card is the first interaction they have with a particular brand.

To design a premium business card, you should first consider the following;

1. Purpose of the business card

Is your business card meant to double as an event ticket or merely to create more awareness about your brand /services? Have a Why!

2. Include your logo

Business cards
A well-designed business card should consist of your logo. This should be placed where it can be easily sighted.

i. Color

The color of every business card contributes to the attractiveness of such a card. Your business card color must align with your brand colors.

ii. Find the right Typeface

For standard business cards, a suitable typeface for the headings is Sans Serif.

iii. Text Alignment

For your business card design to be top-notch, your texts should be properly aligned. It’s either they are aligned to the center or left.

Either way, the overall size of your business card should be put into consideration here. When writing the company/individual name, the font size should be 9 while the size of other information can be 6.

3. Choose quality paper

The weight of your business card paper must not be too light. For standard business cards, it should be 300 grams in weight. If you want it thicker, you can then make it 600 grams.

4. Determine the type

Your business card can either be single or double-sided. If you’ve got a lot of information regarding your brand, you can opt for double-sided business cards. However, it is advisable that you never your business card blank on one side.

5. Determine the design

Foiled laminated card
Business cards can come in various designs. It could be either matte/gloss laminated, foiled, embossed, etc. So choose your preferred design.

To get unique Business cards at reasonable prices, click here.

How to

How To Get New Customers For Your Business

Image showing customers

Sometimes, having a fantastic product is not just enough. Getting your target audience to know, trust and buy from you should be the goal. For most businesses, especially small businesses, getting new customers can be a tedious task. But of course, it is why we have put together this blog post. (You’re welcome!)


Here are a few ways to get New Customers for your business;


Define your Target Market

If you are trying to sell to everyone, you’re not attracting anyone. Rather, research and define your target market. Target market refers to the set of people who are believed to be in need of your product. This will help you know whom your product is meant for.

Communicate Your Values

They want to know what’s in it for them. What you sell needs to provide real value to people, and you need to be able to communicate that value.

Create Awareness and Visibility for your Brand

“Build it and they will come” no longer works. Your product or service could be great but if the people who need it don’t know about it, then the business goals won’t be achieved.

Take Advantage of Partnership

Teaming up with businesses that offer complementary services offers you the opportunity to build partnerships, which can be very effective in building a business and getting more eyes to see and know your brand.

Follow Up

After all, your efforts bring in business and acquire new customers, always remember to close the loop by following up, so that you don’t lose them. Remember, great customer experiences are not easily forgotten.

Use Social Media to your Advantage

Use Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and so many others to your advantage. Most of your potential is on at least one social media app, so utilize this opportunity to network freely. By building relationships through these channels, you can access more people than ever.

For more business tips, follow this page.

Printing Insights for Businesses

Four Things To Consider Before Ordering Your Flyers & Handbills



Printing flyers, and handbills or brochures soon? These five tips will help you achieve the most desired results. Hence, ensure all the tips below are considered before submitting your design for print.