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After getting your business off and running, what’s next?


After getting your business off and running, the next step is to take care of it and make it flourish.  

Here are a few factors to put into consideration to help manage and grow your business. 


Now that your business is off and running, your marketing goals will relate to increasing sales, building demand for specific products and/or services, increasing awareness among specific target markets, and maintaining customer loyalty.  See a free marketing plan template here


You need money to grow – after all, you need to sustain the business, get or service machines/tools, pay bills and create more products, before the business starts yielding profit. Angel investors, friends and family, and venture capitalists can be of great help at this time.


The biggest problem in growth, especially when you’re small, is that you’ve done things a certain way that works for a smaller-scale company.  As the business grows, you will have to hire and delegate tasks. You need to have a system and a process for it. 


You need somebody who’s giving you some wisdom along the way. There are all kinds of issues around navigating as an entrepreneur that you don’t know. It’s having somebody who’s been there before to say, Hey, yeah, I remember that, and here’s what we did for it. 


As you grow, you find out the limits of what you and the company can handle.

When you realize there are other capabilities that you need, you might come up with the solution in-house or hire more people.

You might also consider employing the expertise of other like-minded businesses, whose services/products compliments yours. For instance, if you sell products, you may employ the services of a logistics company to handle the delivery of your products to your customers. 

Holiday SEason How to

5 Awesome Ways To Package Your Orders During The Holiday Season

Gift packaged during holiday

The holiday season is a time when everyone looks out for a bit of something special. It is therefore not a bad idea to add a few tweaks to your packaging. This would help to establish a good customer relationship into the new year.

Here are some 5 items you need to add the wow effect to your packaging this season;

1. Personalized Greeting Cards

An image showing a Happy holiday greeting card

For businesses, sending a personalized greeting card to your customers show how much you love and care for them. However, ensure these greeting cards are beautifully designed as they portray your professionalism.

2. Customized Tags


A gift box with a christmas tag for the holiday season

Tags are small in size yet, they have the ability to make your clients feel so loved. You could simply write “Happy Holidays!” on them or any text of your choice. These tags could also be tweaked a little by adding a coupon code to them for clients who return in the new year. Just be creative with them.

3. Thank You Card

Image showing a Thank you card for the Holiday season

It isn’t a bad idea to thank the clients who have stuck with you right from the beginning of the year till the holidays. So, you could pen down a Thank you note and add it to their orders or simply have a Thank you card printed and added to their delivery packages. By so doing, the loyalty of your customers is boosted.

4. Branded Gifts

Image showing a customized water bottle for the holiday season

Image showing a customized mug for the holiday season

The holiday season is characterized by giving and your business should not be left out. You could add simple yet, affordable gifts to orders placed within the holiday season. These could be keyrings, calendars, notepads, pens, water bottles, tote bags, mugs, etc Whichever one you choose to add, your customers would love this evident show of love, and who knows? This very act might just turn them into good ambassadors of your brand.

5. Holiday-Themed Stickers

Image showing a Happy New year sticker for the holiday season

Since the holiday season is characterized by giving. Your clients might just be making plans to give gift items to their loved ones. Therefore, adding holiday-themed stickers would be a great idea. They could easily wrap their gifts using these stickers. Meanwhile, they do not necessarily need to carry your logo on them.

Customers are encompassed with lots of campaigns from brands during the holiday season so it’s only wise of you to distinguish yourself and give them reasons to stick to your brand in the new year.

To get branded packaging materials like tags, stickers, boxes, greeting cards, and lots more, visit printivo.

SME Tips

Business Growth Strategies for Small Businesses

Image deoicting a business growing


For any business to survive and stay in existence for a very long time, the idea of growth must be fully embraced. Business growth is a term used to describe the point at which a business expands its customer base, product line, investments, and other factors that contributes to its success.

Although it is believed that every business owner loves to see their businesses grow but not all of them know the strategies to utilize in order to see this become a reality. Therefore, to grow your business, here are a few strategies you should consider using:

1. Hire the Right Team

The process of hiring is such that shouldn’t be done hurriedly if a business must grow. Consequently, with the right set of people on your team, your business would grow. They should know and embrace your goals. With that, they would be committed to bringing in ideas.

2. Use Good Social Media Strategy

We are in the 21st century and the majority of consumers are familiar with the social media space. Therefore, you must utilize good strategies that would capture their attention while on social media. For instance, it has been discovered that videos tend to increase the visibility of any page, therefore, posting more videos on your page would be a good strategy to employ.

3. Expand Product line for Profitability

Expanding your product line would help you make more profits. For instance, if you sell clothing, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add footwear to your brand line since they go hand in hand. By so doing, rather than having clients pay for only clothes from you, they’ll pay you more when they are able to get more than clothes from your store.

4. Use quality Prints

The importance of prints can never be over-emphasized. You should use prints like flyers, business cards, brochures, and lots more to increase awareness of your brand. Don’t forget that their quality will reflect the quality of your products and services.

5. Partnerships

Partnering with other brands whose products are in sync with yours would make your business grow. By so doing, you get the attention of their audience and this could generate good leads. So, it’s a win-win situation.

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Customer Showcase Interviews Startup Advices stickers

Customer Showcase: Souper Dishes- A Nigerian Homemade Food Business

Photograph of Souper Dishes Founder, Nneka Adesanya

Whether you’re looking to start a business but don’t know if it’s what you are cut out for. Or you’ve started already but you are looking for ways to forge ahead;  Nneka Tomilola Adesanya, Founder of Souper Dishes – a homemade Nigerian food business,  talks about super essential business information. It’s her startup and business growth story, plus ways she’s retaining old customers and attracting new ones.

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Five Ways A6 cards Will Help You Win The Game Of Thrones

Though this has nothing to do with Winterfell, House Targeryen nor Jon Snow. It revolves around battle for relevance in the hearts of the ones we truly care about, hence can be likened to that of the game of thrones (if not fiercer).