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How to Design Premium Business Cards

Image of a business card

Business cards are pocket-sized cards that contain basic information about a brand or individual. For many prospects, a business card is the first interaction they have with a particular brand.

To design a premium business card, you should first consider the following;

1. Purpose of the business card

Is your business card meant to double as an event ticket or merely to create more awareness about your brand /services? Have a Why!

2. Include your logo

Business cards
A well-designed business card should consist of your logo. This should be placed where it can be easily sighted.

i. Color

The color of every business card contributes to the attractiveness of such a card. Your business card color must align with your brand colors.

ii. Find the right Typeface

For standard business cards, a suitable typeface for the headings is Sans Serif.

iii. Text Alignment

For your business card design to be top-notch, your texts should be properly aligned. It’s either they are aligned to the center or left.

Either way, the overall size of your business card should be put into consideration here. When writing the company/individual name, the font size should be 9 while the size of other information can be 6.

3. Choose quality paper

The weight of your business card paper must not be too light. For standard business cards, it should be 300 grams in weight. If you want it thicker, you can then make it 600 grams.

4. Determine the type

Your business card can either be single or double-sided. If you’ve got a lot of information regarding your brand, you can opt for double-sided business cards. However, it is advisable that you never your business card blank on one side.

5. Determine the design

Foiled laminated card
Business cards can come in various designs. It could be either matte/gloss laminated, foiled, embossed, etc. So choose your preferred design.

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