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5 Awesome Ways To Package Your Orders During The Holiday Season

Gift packaged during holiday

The holiday season is a time when everyone looks out for a bit of something special. It is therefore not a bad idea to add a few tweaks to your packaging. This would help to establish a good customer relationship into the new year.

Here are some 5 items you need to add the wow effect to your packaging this season;

1. Personalized Greeting Cards

An image showing a Happy holiday greeting card

For businesses, sending a personalized greeting card to your customers show how much you love and care for them. However, ensure these greeting cards are beautifully designed as they portray your professionalism.

2. Customized Tags


A gift box with a christmas tag for the holiday season

Tags are small in size yet, they have the ability to make your clients feel so loved. You could simply write “Happy Holidays!” on them or any text of your choice. These tags could also be tweaked a little by adding a coupon code to them for clients who return in the new year. Just be creative with them.

3. Thank You Card

Image showing a Thank you card for the Holiday season

It isn’t a bad idea to thank the clients who have stuck with you right from the beginning of the year till the holidays. So, you could pen down a Thank you note and add it to their orders or simply have a Thank you card printed and added to their delivery packages. By so doing, the loyalty of your customers is boosted.

4. Branded Gifts

Image showing a customized water bottle for the holiday season

Image showing a customized mug for the holiday season

The holiday season is characterized by giving and your business should not be left out. You could add simple yet, affordable gifts to orders placed within the holiday season. These could be keyrings, calendars, notepads, pens, water bottles, tote bags, mugs, etc Whichever one you choose to add, your customers would love this evident show of love, and who knows? This very act might just turn them into good ambassadors of your brand.

5. Holiday-Themed Stickers

Image showing a Happy New year sticker for the holiday season

Since the holiday season is characterized by giving. Your clients might just be making plans to give gift items to their loved ones. Therefore, adding holiday-themed stickers would be a great idea. They could easily wrap their gifts using these stickers. Meanwhile, they do not necessarily need to carry your logo on them.

Customers are encompassed with lots of campaigns from brands during the holiday season so it’s only wise of you to distinguish yourself and give them reasons to stick to your brand in the new year.

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