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How to Design Premium Business Cards

Image of a business card

Business cards are pocket-sized cards that contain basic information about a brand or individual. For many prospects, a business card is the first interaction they have with a particular brand.

To design a premium business card, you should first consider the following;

1. Purpose of the business card

Is your business card meant to double as an event ticket or merely to create more awareness about your brand /services? Have a Why!

2. Include your logo

Business cards
A well-designed business card should consist of your logo. This should be placed where it can be easily sighted.

i. Color

The color of every business card contributes to the attractiveness of such a card. Your business card color must align with your brand colors.

ii. Find the right Typeface

For standard business cards, a suitable typeface for the headings is Sans Serif.

iii. Text Alignment

For your business card design to be top-notch, your texts should be properly aligned. It’s either they are aligned to the center or left.

Either way, the overall size of your business card should be put into consideration here. When writing the company/individual name, the font size should be 9 while the size of other information can be 6.

3. Choose quality paper

The weight of your business card paper must not be too light. For standard business cards, it should be 300 grams in weight. If you want it thicker, you can then make it 600 grams.

4. Determine the type

Your business card can either be single or double-sided. If you’ve got a lot of information regarding your brand, you can opt for double-sided business cards. However, it is advisable that you never your business card blank on one side.

5. Determine the design

Foiled laminated card
Business cards can come in various designs. It could be either matte/gloss laminated, foiled, embossed, etc. So choose your preferred design.

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How To Get New Customers For Your Business

Image showing customers

Sometimes, having a fantastic product is not just enough. Getting your target audience to know, trust and buy from you should be the goal. For most businesses, especially small businesses, getting new customers can be a tedious task. But of course, it is why we have put together this blog post. (You’re welcome!)


Here are a few ways to get New Customers for your business;


Define your Target Market

If you are trying to sell to everyone, you’re not attracting anyone. Rather, research and define your target market. Target market refers to the set of people who are believed to be in need of your product. This will help you know whom your product is meant for.

Communicate Your Values

They want to know what’s in it for them. What you sell needs to provide real value to people, and you need to be able to communicate that value.

Create Awareness and Visibility for your Brand

“Build it and they will come” no longer works. Your product or service could be great but if the people who need it don’t know about it, then the business goals won’t be achieved.

Take Advantage of Partnership

Teaming up with businesses that offer complementary services offers you the opportunity to build partnerships, which can be very effective in building a business and getting more eyes to see and know your brand.

Follow Up

After all, your efforts bring in business and acquire new customers, always remember to close the loop by following up, so that you don’t lose them. Remember, great customer experiences are not easily forgotten.

Use Social Media to your Advantage

Use Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and so many others to your advantage. Most of your potential is on at least one social media app, so utilize this opportunity to network freely. By building relationships through these channels, you can access more people than ever.

For more business tips, follow this page.

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How To Make Your Packaging More Appealing

Everyone loves to receive beautifully packaged items. This implies that as good as manufacturing a product is, the kind of packaging given to that product is equally important. This is because a good product package attracts clients and prospects as well as protects the product itself till it gets to the recipient.

So we thought to share some creative ways to make your packaging more appealing;

1. Customized Wrappers

We understand there are tons of already made wrappers available in stores. However, we believe that a neatly customized wrapper will create that tingle you desire in the heart of your customers.

You could customize them using your brand logos/colours. It is also a way of adding suspense to the unboxing experience and of course, protecting the gift item.

2. Customized Boxes

Gift box by printivo

There’s this aura of excitement that comes with receiving packages in a box. It heightens curiosity as well as adds a touch of class to the product itself.

Packaging your products in customized gift boxes shows how much effort you put into making sure that the item is duly protected. You are sure to score extra marks from your clients when your packages are delivered in cute customized boxes.

3. Custom Paper Bags

Image showing a customized paper bag

If you’ve got moderately sized products or would like to be economical while creating that awesome suspense, then a custom paper bag is all you need. These customized paper bags can be designed using your brand logos, colours, etc. One good thing about these custom paper bags is they can be reused by the recipients.


4. Custom Tags

Image showing a business card tweaked as a tag
Sometimes less is more, especially when your products come with beautifully designed tags. This could also be used to appreciate your clients or share a discount code. Either way, adding cute tags to your packaging would sure create some sparkle.

5. Post Card

Image showing Thank You Cards
Adding a Postcard or Thank you card to your packages gives you the opportunity to personally write to your customers. This could be in the form of an appreciation or discount code. Of course, this would set your customers in a good mood while unboxing their package as well as help you stand out from competitors.

In all, we believe that merely having a good product isn’t enough. The kind of packaging you give to them would go a long way to creating a good brand image for you. After all, many people judge a book by its cover.

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How to Promote your Business using Large-Format Prints

Every business needs to be promoted. Whether it is a small business or a large one, advertising is always a close pal to businesses. Amongst the various materials useful for brand and event promotion, large format prints have always proven to be very effective. These include Roll-up banners, flex banners, teardrop banners, x-banners, A-frames, and snapper frames.

Image showing an X-banners-Large format print

So here are a few ways to promote your business using any of these large-format prints;

1. Take design seriously

Creating a professional design for your rollup banner is the first step to making it work for you. Make good use of images. If you are in the food business, good-looking food, drink, or any great picture that represents your products should be used. You can easily buy stock images from sites like or download free from 100% free to use image sites like

2. Use your banner everywhere

Got a banner? Go ahead and flaunt it. Display your large format prints in your office, at events, in your shop, etc.  Large formats like snapper frames or A-frame signs usually add an aesthetical touch to the environment. The idea is to make everyone see your brand through your banner.

image showing a Flex Banner (7ft x 3ft)

3. Work with a smart budget

Image showing a calculator used to callculate cost of large format print for a business

Large-format prints are not usually expensive. With as low as N12,000, you can get a nice-looking banner from Printivo. Banners usually range between N13,500 and N20,000 but the return investment is enormous.

4. Let your logo fly

Your logo needs to be obvious. Place your logo on the upper part of your banner close to eye level where everyone will see it. Making big enough to be seen from the distance. You are opting for large-format prints to increase visibility for your brand. Keep that in mind always.

5. Reuse your banners

The awesome thing about large format prints is the fact that they are often reusable and also very mobile. Well, aside from backdrop banners. All you need to do is clean them to make them look neat always.

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