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How to Promote your Business using Large-Format Prints

Every business needs to be promoted. Whether it is a small business or a large one, advertising is always a close pal to businesses. Amongst the various materials useful for brand and event promotion, large format prints have always proven to be very effective. These include Roll-up banners, flex banners, teardrop banners, x-banners, A-frames, and snapper frames.

Image showing an X-banners-Large format print

So here are a few ways to promote your business using any of these large-format prints;

1. Take design seriously

Creating a professional design for your rollup banner is the first step to making it work for you. Make good use of images. If you are in the food business, good-looking food, drink, or any great picture that represents your products should be used. You can easily buy stock images from sites like or download free from 100% free to use image sites like

2. Use your banner everywhere

Got a banner? Go ahead and flaunt it. Display your large format prints in your office, at events, in your shop, etc.  Large formats like snapper frames or A-frame signs usually add an aesthetical touch to the environment. The idea is to make everyone see your brand through your banner.

image showing a Flex Banner (7ft x 3ft)

3. Work with a smart budget

Image showing a calculator used to callculate cost of large format print for a business

Large-format prints are not usually expensive. With as low as N12,000, you can get a nice-looking banner from Printivo. Banners usually range between N13,500 and N20,000 but the return investment is enormous.

4. Let your logo fly

Your logo needs to be obvious. Place your logo on the upper part of your banner close to eye level where everyone will see it. Making big enough to be seen from the distance. You are opting for large-format prints to increase visibility for your brand. Keep that in mind always.

5. Reuse your banners

The awesome thing about large format prints is the fact that they are often reusable and also very mobile. Well, aside from backdrop banners. All you need to do is clean them to make them look neat always.