Five Reasons You Should Print Business Cards For Your Employees.

21 Apr


Let’s start by saying this, the business card is not a piece of paper reserved for key players in an organisation. It is a communication material that will help to move your business forward, build your brand and bring in new business.  A business card is your instant contact details, it’s branding in action, and it’s advertising. It puts you on the map and it makes an impression. It’s a reminder to others that your businesses still exist. It’s improving the chance someone will think of you when they need help in that particular area of their life, even if its two years down the line. We put together four reasons we believe your employees should carry a pack of business cards with them.

1. It’s a sign of trust.

Businesses triumph where there’s trust. Printing business cards for your employee shows you trust them enough to give them the power to represent the company.  In plain words, it means “We trust you, you are one of us, we expect and hope you will bring in new business. Go out there and represent us”

2. It helps to spread the gospel of your business.

Imagine your employees being proud to hand out their business cards at networking events. They will be doing you a lot of marketing and PR, and this will in turn bring in new business and publicity for your business. Your employees are the first evangelists of your business.  A pack of business cards in their pocket is a tool for them to go out there and represent you.

3. It boost their morale.

We all want to work in an organisation that values us and sees us a part of a big team. Having access to our own pack of business card is a morale booster in its own way. Don’t get us wrong. Not everyone in your organisation should have business cards. But if there’s anyone whose work contribute immensely to the growth of your business and anyone who goes out to represent you should carry their own business cards.

4. Without your company’s business cards, your employee will most likely do the following.

  • Give excuses as to why they don’t have business cards at networking events and miss the opportunity of marketing your business to new prospects.
  • Use the opportunity to network for their own purpose thereby pushing their own brand instead of yours since you did not equip them to market your brand.
  • Write your company’s contact details on piece of paper or ask people they meet to add them on phone on social media which in most cases people skip and if they eventually do, your brand is lost in the equation.

5. You will be using every opportunity to market your business

When you are building a business from the ground up. There no such thing as too much marketing. You make use of every opportunity to market your business and increase the number of times people come in contact with your brand name. Printing business cards for your employees and having the give the cards helps you put your world out there without missing any opportunity.

Now you know. So go out there and show your people you trust and value them. Print them a pack of business card and see your marketing take a new form. Do you think there are more reasons to print business cards for your employees? Feel free to add your comment for other readers to read.

Business card sample

A dummy Business card customised for a Printivo Staff.



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