Five Reasons Why Your Printivo Store Isn’t Making Money

15 Jan

It’s painful and heart-wrecking to put so much effort into setting up a store/shop and eventually making no dime from such store. Trying to think about what those precious time spent on designing and editing could have been used on can as well be depressing.

It becomes worse when you begin to see other stores- many of which mightn’t be as cool as yours racking in money in bundles, but hey, that’s why this post has been put together for you to do a quick check on those steps you must have been wrongly taking . Continue reading

If you Want More Customers, Stop Spending On Marketing

15 Dec

Often times you wonder why your customers leave as soon as they’ve had their first encounters with your business. You got even more distressed because the few you’ve overtime managed to acquire are leaving without notice. A few of them who cared to send their notifications didn’t stay too long before mixing with the air.

They aren’t just staying.  Your competitors are Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Your Customers Are Running To Your Competitors

16 Nov

If everyone agree that twenty friends won’t play for twenty years, nobody said nineteen of them wouldn’t?

This same premise applies to your pool of customers. While a few of them will leave you due to occurrences beyond your control which include relocation and passing away, a lot more will abandon you for your competitors. This of course can be prevented or at best be mitigated.

Here are 5 reasons why your customers might be leaving you for your competitors, (shifting you closer to the edge in the process) and possible ways to make them stay.

1. You aren’t Innovative

Think about new ways to improve upon what you already have. This applies to (but not restricted to) your product(s) and mode of operation. you can take a cue from competitors and even industry leaders. Continue reading

Four Cheap But Tangible Gifts To Give This Christmas

10 Nov


Contrary to what we think, our customers actually know how important it is to prepare early for Christmas. The only thing is majority of them really do not have an idea on what to really do considering the fact that many are on a lean budget and at the same time willing to do the best with such amount.  Continue reading

Meet Maryam- The Physiotherapist Who sells Pants

3 Nov

What endeared the whole team to her business was her simple yet unique logo design. The colour choice was superb as the designer cleverly utilized the magenta and white, leaving no stone unturned as all relevant syllables were marked where necessary, following the rules of the Yoruba vocabulary.

The above and few other reasons lured us into taking it further by reaching out to Maryam to know more about her hustle and how she’s been able to run her small business alongside schooling.

This 500 level Physiotherapy student of College of Medicine (UNILAG) didn’t disappoint as she provided succinct explanation in making every point clear.

Here’s how it all started

“I started my underwear business Continue reading