Hacks On Driving Word Of Mouth Marketing For Your Business

15 Jun

Thank you card

Think about the last time a close friend or colleague talked so much about a business/ service that you couldn’t wait to have your experience.  What was the particular thing that informed your decision to give a trail? That, most definitely was a strategy deployed by such business owner to making people talk to whoever cares to listen,  about how amazing a business they run.
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This Farmer Wants To Eliminate The Middlemen

12 Mar

It is bad enough that only a tiny portion of Nigerian undergraduates know what they’d do after school, worse is the fact that a tinier fraction of this population do not know how to go about it. This however is not the case with Kazeem Salman a graduate of University of Ilorin, Kwara State who went against all odds to establish Munab Nigeria, an Agric business with the goal of strategically distributing farm produce in the most efficient manner.

Kazeem Salman

Kazeem Salman

Can you tell us a bit about yourself growing up, and what prompted you to start Munab Nigeria?
I grew up in Ilorin, the capital city of Kwara state. Even though Continue reading

The Creativity Behind 5 Popular Nigerian Startups’ Logos

19 Feb

Should coming up with a business name be as difficult as forcing a camel through a needle hole, deciding on a befitting logo can be likened to convincing an Elephant to do same. Described by The  Urban Dictionary as a graphic that is trademark of an organisation and is used to recognise that organisation, many Nigerian businesses (especially SMEs) often find themselves at a crossroad when it comes to deciding a logo choice. Continue reading