Roll Up Banner: Small Or Big Based?

30 Oct

Four out of every Five first time buyers of roll up banners tend to ask for help in choosing which between the small or big base banner they should go for. And our responses have always varied per question. While a large fraction of this customers have a fair idea on what they want, a larger portion are indifferent- pouring on us the burden of making decisions for them.

This post is therefore dedicated to salvaging this situation by explain on the similarities, major differences and how to use both types of roll up banners.

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5 Smart Ways To Connecting With Your Customers Emotionally

24 Sep

It interesting to know that in a bid to retain existing customers, the creation of emotional connectivity is one of the most overlooked mediums most business owners explore. This is mostly due to the fact that a lot of these business owners either really do know how to go about it or rather cannot afford to explore it due to the robust amount of emotional intelligence required for its execution. Continue reading