Holiday Marketing

How to Create a Striking Holiday Marketing Campaign



Creating a holiday marketing campaign is what just about anyone can do but creating one that will bring positive results is not what everyone does. With every brand having at least one-holiday marketing campaign, the consumer has numerous alternatives to choose from. The question then is, how do you ensure your campaign achieves the desired objectives?

Here are a few ways to do that:

Choose a Campaign Theme

Image showing a black Friday campaign themed banner

Creating a campaign is common but it is also important to launch the campaign correctly. Understand that holiday campaigns are for a specific period. For instance, in the month of November, the campaign that goes out is usually the Black Friday campaign. You can however decide to start early for better results.

Choose your Campaign Goals

Image showing a Business owner and an employee choosing a goal for a striking holiday marketing campaign

Before you start creating an offer, determine what you would like to achieve. What is the expected outcome of this campaign? Once this is settled, create goals that will serve as a benchmark for calculating the performance of your campaign. Additionally, remember to create SMART goals.

Define your Target Audience

An image depicting a target audience

Now that you have your goals, the next step is to define your target audience. Gather adequate information about the people you’re trying to reach. This is one step to having a successful holiday campaign. Know what their preferred social media is and other relevant details. This will also help you to make smarter marketing decisions when creating your content and planning promotions.

Create an Offer

Discount for the holiday

Your offer will serve as the center point for all of your campaign initiatives. Typically, the types of offers you create are dependent on the product and service you render as well as your target audience. Make sure you create offers that are good enough to attract your target audience to your brand.

Create a Landing Page

Image showing the landing page of a business

Once your offer is created, you need to provide for your customers to access it. This is where the landing page comes in. Considering your landing page is the page that you’ll be driving traffic to, it needs to be convincing. It should have elements like a compelling headline, beautiful designs of your product/services, phone number, etc.

Design a Promotion Plan

Image showing different social media apps for holiday marketing

Now that your content has been created, it’s time to figure out how to get the word out there. You could use marketing channels like; Email marketing, social media, blog posts, and paid adverts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Have a Lead Development Plan

Image showing a development plan

Before you launch your campaign, it’s best to design a plan for developing your leads once they’ve been generated. And once the holidays are over, what will happen to them? It makes sense to re-engage those leads with helpful, related resources.

Take the Campaign Live

Image showing alive laptop


Now that you’ve got everything in place- offer, landing page, blog promotion, campaign goal, etc. It’s time to take your campaign live.

Measure/Analyze Progress

Image showing a holiday marketing analysis campaign

This is arguably the most important step in the process. Once your campaign has had some time to gain traction, check its performance and see what you can learn from it.

Remember those goals we set earlier? Now is the time to determine if you actually hit them and if you didn’t, identify what might have prevented you from doing so. Analyzing where people dropped off in your workflows, blog posts that flopped, or areas of your offer that fell a little flat might reveal what held your campaign back from reaching those numbers. Take note of these details, and put them to good use when planning your next campaign.