Five Print Products to Promote Your Business This Christmas Season

9 Nov

The holiday seasons comes with great opportunities for brands to boost awareness and connect with their customers. However most small business owners believe holiday season branding activities is for the big brands.  Here are five awesome affordable print products for you this season.

1. Greeting Cards


Create awesome greeting cards for your brands and send to your customers this holiday season. Prices starting from as low as ‎₦250. Continue reading



Four Reasons You Should Start Planning Your Christmas Gifts Now

15 Oct


It’s few weeks to Christmas and you are wondering “why should I start making plans for corporate gifts this early?” Well, this is the best time to start. While many believe there’s still enough time, others are already making moves and putting together everything they need to give to friends and businesses associates this Christmas season.

We thought to share with you few reasons you should start making your plans now. Continue reading



Printivo Partners with CancerAware Nigeria

8 Oct


As part of our continued commitment to society, we are pleased to announce that we have become an official partner to CancerAware Nigeria; a Lagos based cancer Charity.

Cancer touches the lives of many Nigerians and together with CancerAware Nigeria, we will make a positive change to this.
October is the global breast cancer awareness month and we will be working with them on their campaigns and promotions.

“Cancers touches everyone of us, we have all at one time or the other lost someone dear to us to Cancer. We believe everyone must be aware of Cancer and ways to prevent it. We are partnering with CancerAware Nigeria to spread the word via prints and other channels. This is something that involves us all” – Deji Adeogun, Co-founder, COO.

Everyone should be aware…



Last Week Round Up of Selected Print Projects by Printivo Customers

5 Oct

Every week, we curate selected projects by awesome customers like you and share with the rest of the community. Print adds tangibility brands and some small business owners know just how to ensure everything they print work wonders for their brand. Enjoy our list this week…

1. Taste Makers Africa11856739_756460694476026_823809235_n

What we love about it: The order came in a unique square shaped post card size and we love the great use of photography. Continue reading



Three reasons you should print quality letterheads for your business

1 Oct

Print-letterhead-in-lagosLetterheads have been here for a long time and we are not surprised that in today’s digital world, they are still as relevant as ever. If you are wondering whether you need to print letterheads for your business or not, here are three important reasons you should consider printing them to grow your business.

1. Quality letterheads had credibility to your business

A letterhead with the right information about your business will help you in building credibility and a sense of trustworthiness for your business. By sending out your documents in premium quality letterheads, you are telling your existing clients and potential ones just how trustworthy your business is. People tend to trust you more if you have an appealing letterhead. Continue reading