3 Smart Ways to Use Business Cards In Holiday Seasons

12 Oct
image of a man showing a business card

Standard Business Card












Business cards are a perfect way to promote your business by connecting with clients, other businesses, and potential customers. They are pretty inexpensive. 

Small business owners know that making connections with customers is important. And, a busy holiday season presents better opportunities to communicate with customers through their increased orders.

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Here are three clever ways to use everyday business cards to make your holiday marketing lustre.

1. Business cards as loyalty cards

Design your business card to contain your business information on one side and your loyalty programme information on the other side. Loyalty cards are used to track the number of purchases a customer makes. Meanwhile, companies reward their loyal customers depending on how many purchases they’ve made, which encourages them to become repeat buyers.

Image of a loyalty card

Loyalty Card


2. Business card as tags

To enhance your packaging with high-quality gift or product tag, design a business card with this use in mind, then punch a hole in the card. Add some ribbon or twine to give your presentation a little extra flair. Interesting, right? 

An arrangement of business card/tags



3. Business cards as referral cards

Referrals aid word of mouth marketing, which is essential to increase the customer base of any business. You too can create such a marketing opportunity by designing a business card with a special refer-a-friend discount on one side. Referral cards are simply the best way to expose your business to a greater community of potential clients. Also, a simple referral with an offer looks clean, professional, and will only do your business good.

Business card as a referral card

Business/Referral card

Conclusively, people will hold onto your cards that contain information that is vital, useful or helpful to their everyday lives. And, your cards become versatile when you use the back for something more than just your standard business card. 

Ready to make the most of your new set of business cards this season? Let’s get started!


Photo credit: Google images.