5 Jun

mugAs the world gets more digital and the internet has finally become a part of our lives. The question is do we still need printing and other physical marketing tools to build brands? The Printivo team came up with 3 reasons we believe small businesses and even larger corporations should combine prints and digital communication channels to build their businesses.

Print is Tangible

Print gives people something to hold, feel and touch. It gives them the first physical experience with your brand. We are still humans and love real things. It shows you are serious for business.

It’s instant

Imagine meeting the CEO of a prospective client at a networking event. You don’t want t tell him to go find you on LinkedIn or twitter. You first seal the conversation with your business card and every other thing follows.

Print is Memorable Special

Sending out real printed greeting cards, for example, during holidays shows how special you see your customer. In a world where everyone is sending emails as greetings, sending out printed greetings help you connect to your customer’s emotions.

Print and digital marketing are most effective when they work together. Print gives you real customers, real people, real followers. It’s print and digital, not print or digital. Do you know other reasons to use print to brands in a digital age? Do share with us in the comment session.

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