These Budget-Friendly Marketing Products Will Boost Your Small Business

3 Sep

Business Cards and Flyer



It costs less than N10,000 to print an x-banner on, but the overall effect of displaying one at the entrance of your office or at your stand during exhibition cannot be over-emphasized. Create your own x-banner and make your business soar.


Rollup banners are awesome, reusable brand exposure tools. Create compelling designs for your brand and use your banner anywhere. depending on your preference, you can either opt for the small based or big based style.


Business cards will for a long time  remain useful in building your brand. Ensuring you carry your pack of business cards with you everywhere will do the job. Give it out to people. They may lose the cards but they will never forget your brand.


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Design Rejection- Five Smart Ways To Evade It

16 Aug

Of all the problems plaguing the Printivo marketplace, design rejection seems to be the most notorious. In truth, we all hate when that happens and this is why we’ve put together these five most popular reasons why designs get rejected in droves.

Facial expression of a store woner whose design just got rejected

Type of File

Now, most designs done outside the marketplace software are saved and uploaded in three possible file types: JPEG, PNG, and PDF. These will be explained in depth later Continue reading



Seven Simple Marketing Tips Often Overlooked By Small Businesses

13 Aug


Over the years, we’ve had had the opportunity of printing marketing materials for small business owners. During these interactions, we’ve come to understand that the hardest thing for them is attracting their first set of customers.

We of course know how hard this can be, and this was what prompted us into putting together these seven tips every small business (irrespective of the market) will find really helpful when religiously adhered to.

 An entrepreneur

1. Sell Value, Avoid Comparison

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