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Tips to make your Flyers Effective

A4 Flyers


Flyers are inexpensive marketing materials useful for promoting products, events, and services. They exist in diverse sizes which include DL, A4, A5, and A6. Depending on your choice and purpose, you could either have them printed as single-sided or double-sided.

The following are the top things you should include in your flyer designs to get your desired results;

1. Name of Business/Event


The name of the brand or event you would like to promote should be included in your flyer. This should be placed at the top and serve as the headline. Remember to use a clear font when writing this.

2. Contact detailsA5 Single sided handbill


This includes email addresses, phone numbers, and social media handles. Any medium through which you can be reached should be included on your flyer to ease accessibility. There is no point in printing flyers without adding your contact information to them. You don’t want to deprive your potential clients of the privilege of reaching out to you.

3. Quality images

Handbill for a cake business

Images are good at grabbing people’s attention. To attract people, the images on your flyers must be of good quality. It gives your clients /prospects a peep into how much of a quality product and services you offer.

4. Brief Product/event details

Business flyer

What is that event or product you are trying to promote? Include a brief description or testimonial about it. By doing so, people tend to trust your brand better.

5. Call to Action


An effective flyer must direct its recipients to carry out an action. This could be to buy a product, attend an event, sign up for a newsletter, etc. Either way, never print a flyer without adding a Call to action.

6. Freebies

This is optional though. But, most people love freebies. Adding freebies to your flyers is sure to grab the attention of people. It could be in form of a discount, coupon code, branded gifts, and lots more.


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