How Blessing Alabi Nurtured Her Fashion Brand Despite Her Fears

For this Kogi born model, leaving her job to start a fashion outfit was somewhat difficult and really challenging as she lost a whole lot including close relationships but did this deter her from her dream?

This interview with Alabi Blessing, founder of TheStyleArchitect will guide us through her world, her hustle and her brand.


How It All Started

Being the second child and  first daughter from a family of 6, I knew I wanted to connect with people, have not just conversations but one that will yield positive results, on the other hand, I had a thing for style, l’d get angry on seeing people wear clothes that are 2 sizes smaller, like, I literally found myself walking up to people and politely righting some Wardrobe wrongs. ( lol. I still do, I can’t help it.)


Fast forward to last year April, when I made the decision to leave my job and start, just start something.

That took a lot of courage (you know the fear of whether or not it’s going to work? The brand would be accepted? Yes, those!)
But hey! I am glad I took the bold step.
TheStyleArchitect is a style consultancy brand.

On how and When she got the Brand’s name

I did not have a name as at when I decided to start up.
I was using AbbyAlabi at the time. Abby is from my middle name Abigail, then Alabi my surname.
I used to work as a presenter, so yes, that was how Abby became a household name.
TheStyleArchitect only came in on the 1st of January 2017.
I’ll honestly say it was God., because I had been praying for God’s leading.
The name was laid in my heart, just like that!
( You just murmured Naso! Oh well, I can’t help you).
And thinking about it, it really does explain what my brand stands for.
And I immediately clung to it, changed my social media handles.
Too beautiful! It was like the birth of a Mini Me.

But Was TheStyleArchitect Her Childhood Dream?

I honestly didn’t know who I wanted to be.
I’ld listen to my friends talk about how they wanted to be bankers, doctors, lawyers but I had no clue who I wanted to be.
I just had a very strange but strong conviction that I was going to be great. I was going to be in entertainment, doing what? I wasn’t sure.
I remember always telling my mum that I didn’t want to wear earrings yet because I’ld be a celebrity and I’d rather save my ear holes until then. (Since I’d be ‘glamming’ up almost always) Lol. As I grew older, I added makeup to the list. Silly right?!
I played dress up, At some point all I wanted was to own my clothing, shoe line but I didn’t quite understand how.
I started as a model, Worked with fashion and style brands. With the experiences and exposure, I was able put a definition to my interest and choice of career.
Oh, my clothing and shoe line dream game is still strong! ????Lol.

Every Successful Person Have Once Failed, Blessing Is No Exception

Hmm. It was after I left my last job in April 2016, for months I wasn’t doing anything. Not like I was not trying, they just weren’t coming forth, friends were far, some friends didn’t think I should have taken the step I took, some even passed on opportunities that could have helped set my career in motion, I was broke, I couldn’t do anything!
I felt like a failure!
It was so bad depression set in. I was just bitter at myself, life, I wasn’t feeding well, I lost weight.
Thank God for God, those friends already tell me how proud of me they are, When God has just started with me.

She Isn’t Scared of Anything But These:

Not making heaven, losing my dear ones, Fear of failure are my greatest fears.

On what sets her apart

I am a Style consultant. I help you deal with your wardrobe issues from the very foundation; knowing your body type, accepting it and working it on a daily basis, irrespective of the industry you work at.
We preach style and minimalism.
You know now? ?

She’s Got A Strategy For Time Management

I really just allocate time for what’s needed to be done at the time it should be done.
I don’t like impromptus! Hence why I plan ahead.
You can’t come and scatter my head. Lol

Of Course There’s A Lot She Isn’t Pleased With In The Industry

Say, you are being called for a movie production to get on as Wardrobe, and then the producer tells you how much of a favor they are doing you because your brand is new and how you should take less for more. And even teach you your job.
Writing fashion houses but they refuse to give out their clothes because you are not dressing up an A list.
I have learned not to lower my standard for no job.  Even if it means less jobs.
It’s my brands integrity in the end.
You know it is God that chooses to bless man. And it’s not by the number of jobs you do. So, I am fine.
On Technology and Its Effects On Small businesses
Technology is one of the best things to happen to us. If rightly implemented.
It has helped me to learn and unlearn a lot. I can say that the major part of my growth.
I am aware of how bad an effect it can have on us. But in all you decide to do with it, get wisdom.

She Didn’t Just Stumble Upon Printivo

A friend who tried printing with Printivo but I guess it didn’t go well and was refunded, the Graphics Designer friend that worked on my logo and business card design, also a fashion designer thought it was a good decision to print here.
Blessing’s Business card

Blessing Alabi

The service was Great! I mean, I love the result of my printing, my gifts too.
 Even though it would have been bombshell if you wrote AbbyAlabi on my Mug. Haha.
I however suggest you improve the user friendliness of your site as I encountered a hurdle ordering from the site.
Other than that, y’all are the shizniz!
Urrgh I can’t just be calm.