counting money

Five Types Of Store Owners In The Printivo Marketplace

The Printivo marketplace have overtime been studied and severally examined to a point when we can confidently categorize the store-owners based on their behaviors as highlighted below.

The regular cash-out bosses

counting money


This class of store owners knows just what type of design to put out, when and how  they’re supposed to do so. Before Ferbruary, they’ve garnered enough inspiration to design as many valentine mugs as possible; During Ramadan, they know just what type of inscription to put on mugs, greeting cards, calendars and paper bag designs that’d make them appealing to as many that’d come in contact with them.

It’s no surprise that these set of guys are regularly balling big on their royalties.

One hit wonder



These guys are good, Inconsistency wouldn’t just make them shine.

What usually happens with them is that unlike the cash-out bosses, they’re mostly insensitive to  periods/seasons before dolling out designs, so what they do is dole out a high number of designs at a time and go to sleep. Few days later, a Printivo customer who wants to order (say 500 units of magic mug) will just pick any of this store’s design, pay for them and walk away, leaving this store owner with 15% of the total sale.

1 magic mug costs #2,500. Do the maths!


The quitter



This store owner has read and assimilated all the rules governing making money in the marketplace, No money still. On seeing how fast things seems stagnated, this store owner has decided to focus on something else.

The sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty


The sleeping beauty store owners have neither added any design, banner, nor logo to their stores, only God knows where their customers will come from.


The Onlookers


There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes things happen. Jim Lovell


The onlookers belong to the emboldened  in the quote above. They’ve read about the marketplace during its launch, saw it on their timelines, dreams and have even registered to attend a masterclass on the marketplace but will still not take that singular action of owning a store.


Where do you belong or where are you aspiring to be?

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