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Get paid for doing what you love to do.

Create awesome designs on Printivo and earn a royalty each time our customers make use of your designs. Printivo’s design market place let you upload your design and texts to our print products and you earn 15% of the value of the order each time a customer make use of your designs. It’s your digital design shop. It’s 100% FREE.

How to get started. Its FREE!


Open a FREE Printivo Store

Tell us about your store, the email address you would like to use to access your account. Click on "Register" and we will send you an email once your store has been created


Create your designs

Choose a product that you want to add a design to. Next, upload your images or create text using the printivo designer tool. Arrange and resize the different elements of your design as desired.


Post your design for sale

Once you are satisfied with how your design looks, click "Post for sale.” Our team will review and approve your design to go live on the website


Start making money!

Each time your design sells, you earn money. You will receive 15% of the total sum paid on your design. No need to manage inventory or worry with customer service. Just create designs and we’ll do the rest!

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How It Works

Choose a product and create your design on it. Our team reviews and approve

Customers likes your designs, customises it and use it to order print products

We process the print order, handle customer services and ship to the customer’s door step.

We send your payment for your percentage of the sale at the end of the month.