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Five Reasons Why Your Printivo Store Isn’t Making Money

It’s painful and heart-wrecking to put so much effort into setting up a store/shop and eventually making no dime from such store. Trying to think about what those precious time spent on designing and editing could have been used on can as well be depressing.

It becomes worse when you begin to see other stores- many of which mightn’t be as cool as yours racking in money in bundles, but hey, that’s why this post has been put together for you to do a quick check on those steps you must have been wrongly taking .

Good news: you are not the only one facing this problem!

  1. You are designing for yourself

  2. DJs are considered good not when they know how to turn the wheels but when they know what songs their audience will like at a particular time during a party.Hint: Do not allow red dominate your colour designs just because it’s your favourite colour.We’ve encountered stores whose owners use strictly pictures of themselves on all designs on all designs. While this is awesome for celebrities/companies who own stores, it isn’t for individuals who aren’t celebrities. Printivo’s customers cut across different demographics, hence the need to present designs that’d appeal to as many customers as possible while they are at the verge of making their buying decisions.


  3. You don’t have enough designs

    There are as many money makers in the Printivo market place as there are non money makers like yourself. One clear distinction between these classes is the number of designs in their stores.There are thousands of designs on the Printivo website from myriads of store owners and the marketplace algorithms have been structured such that stores with more designs tend to be regularly placed on Printivo’s template pages.

  4. You don’t have enough designs on popular merchandise

    You can’t achieve this without  firstly fulfilling point 2 above.

    Business cards, mugs, thank you cards and t-shirts are the most frequently ordered products on Printivo.

    How many designs on each of these items do you have in your store?

    Now connect the dots.


  5. You are not pushing your stores as much as you should

    How well/often do you tweet about your store on twitter or upload pictures of your designs on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms?

    Doing this as often as you breadth will help your stores visibility in an immeasurable way. We will in turn retweet and re-post where necessary anytime a store owner tags Printivo.

  6. You haven’t been studying the marketplace.

    Take out time to see the kind of designs in other stores in this marketplace?  A lot of inspiration and design ideas can be gotten from this singular act.

  7. Revisit you store right away and seize the forthcoming Valentine to make some dough.