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Five Tips On Getting Paid What You Are Truly Worth

One of the most interesting sessions at the masterclass organized by Printivo during the just-concluded Social Media Week was Ayomidotun freeborn’s, where he dwelt specifically on how creatives wouldn’t just make money but make that which is commensurate with their true worth.

Ayomidotun Freeborn


1. Put yourself out there

Is there any skill you possess and would like to make money from? Do all you can to let people know about you. This can be achieved by meeting new people (especially during networking events) and also harnessing the powers of social media. Take time to create a decent social media profile where you can put your craft in display or talk about it. Start a blog where you can document your idea about your craft. This will further project you as an organized business person.

2. Don’t price yourself low

No matter what, do all you can to ask for the amount you are convinced is commensurate with the amount of Labour you’d be inputting. Never under-price yourself by trying not to lose a customer as is the case with many starters. To make things worse, there are instances where a potential customer will pick someone more expensive if your price is ‘relatively‘ low.

3. It’s not (too) bad to work for free at the beginning

Starting out your business, ‘strategically’ doing a few things for free wouldn’t be a bad move as this will further reinforce your move towards putting yourself out there as explained in point 1 above. These free gigs/services will help you build a portfolio which can be used in convincing future clients about your potentials.


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4. Invest in yourself

Never get satisfied with your mental and material possessions. Take courses, buy better tools and equipment, pay to attend conferences, spare some time for meetups and boot-camps. All these will in the long run round up to increase your value as a person.

5. Don’t Be Scared To Drop Friends/Customers

Yes. Especially the Low paying customers and parasitic friends. Concerning the customers, surrounding yourself with low paying ones for too long will continually suffocate you, denying you the golden opportunity of advancing farther irrespective of your skill set. On the other hand, your group of friends should be able to add something tangible to your life including introducing you to your desired clients. If your relationship isn’t about how you both can help one another, there’s no reason for keeping them for too long.


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