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6 Cheap Ways To Grow Your Business Without Running Online Ads

The truth is online ads are sparsely understood. So much is it’s scarce knowledge that the very few experts who understand its dynamics often charge exorbitantly for their services. The few entrepreneurs who can afford these often get little to no results, while those who decide to run things by themselves mostly get their fingers burnt.

Interestingly, there exists quite a number of other avenues sitting comfortably within the budgets of growing businesses but which entrepreneurs have failed to explore.

With little or no help from an expert, these growth-hacking avenues can be the game changer for many businesses looking to scale without having anything to do with online ads.

Below are a few of them.


1. Public Relations


In simple terms, this means any move by a business owner to getting the brand’s name out to the public. The easiest ways to achieve this is by forming relationships with media outlets like newspapers, magazines radio and TV. If any of these can’t be easily achieved, a simple giveaway contest and random gifting to few customers will do wonders for a start.\


2. Offline Ads

This include TV and radio commercials, billboards, newspaper and magazine ads, flyers and other local advertisements are usually very popular in this field for growing businesses. These ads reach demographics that are harder to target online, like less tech-savvy consumers and commuters.

For a growing business with a small budget, Print advertising is more appealing because it works with just about any budget and allows for precise audience targeting.



3. Content Marketing

Many businesses have blogs. But, most don’t use these blogs to sell or grow their brand.  A simple strategy of focusing on helpful and engaging content will do well in gaining the trust of your audience. This subsequently makes selling to them easier.


4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to convert prospects while retaining and monetizing existing ones. To start with, it’s best you categorise your audience then send to each category separate body of messages tailored specifically for them. This could be a mixture of news, events, helpful ideas, coupons and discounts- Anything at all that can keep them always looking forward to your mails.


5. Community Building

Community building involves investing in the connections of your users, fostering those relationships and helping them bring more people into your business’ circle.

Even though this is one of the most effective ways of maintaining constant word of mouth marketing, only a very few businesses have considered exploring this avenue.


6. Offline Events

Sponsoring or running offline events – from small meetups to large conferences – can be a primary way you could earn brand recognition. offline events give you the opportunity to engage directly with potential customers about their problems. Such events are especially important when your target customers do not respond well to online advertising or do not have a natural place to congregate online.

Now that you have them, why not set to work right away?

Is there an effective  strategy you’re currently using or have used in the past which has worked? Please share with us using the comment box below.


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