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How Packaging Inserts Can Increase Your Sales & Customer Loyalty

What are packaging Inserts And Why Are They So Useful?

A packaging insert is an additional item that retailers can put into shipments before sending them off to customers. Packaging inserts are usually unexpected and can build goodwill with new customers.

Here are 5 amazing ways packaging inserts can boost your business’ growth and sales count:

1. Product samples

These samples can include complementary products which can be used alongside the actual order made by your customers so they can try these products as well.

Sample insert are more efficient in up-selling unpopular products your customers barely know you offer or have been curious about trying.


2. Discount offers

Even though this can be delivered by email, inserting them right in the box ensures your customers will receive the offer in their hands instead of their spam folder or tons of unread messages. It leaves them with a tangible reminder.

One of the most cost-effective ways to create discount or deal offers to be included with your packaging is to print them at business card size (business cards are such a commodity at this point they are extremely inexpensive).

Content ideas:

  • Free Shipping on Your Next Order
  • 1,000 Credit Towards Your Next Order
  • 20% Off Your Next Order
  • Free Gift With Your Next Order


3. Small gifts

Think of them like samples, small gifts can be a great way to surprise and delight customers without making them feel like you’re trying to sell them other products. These gifts doesn’t have to be expensive. Since it’s unexpected, your customers (like every other human) will cherish them.

These small, often inexpensive gifts make people feel special, and it puts the law of reciprocity to work for you. It’s a powerful psychological trigger that leaves people wanting to return the favour, and can help encourage repeat patronage while leaving everyone feeling great about the transaction.


4. Personal notes

The simplest, least expensive, and most personalized insert you can add to customer packages is a ‘THANK YOU‘ note A simple card can be a really thoughtful gesture that can help build loyalty.

Cards may be particularly effective when first starting out, as it’s a competitive advantage that most larger-scale companies can no longer offer. Use this to your advantage while still growing.


5. Product review or a “share on social” request

Since the shipped package usually represents the end of the transaction for most customers, packaging inserts can be a great place to ask for a product review or for customers to share their experience on social media.


The bottom line is that packaging inserts are really about providing more value by exceeding expectations and matching the right offer with your particular audience.

Trying them wouldn’t be a bad idea, or would it?

Have you tried using packaging inserts before? How was the experience like?