Holiday Marketing SME Tips

Holiday Marketing Mistakes To Avoid This Year

Capitalizing on holiday seasons to market your business is a great way to bring in sales. It comes with the opportunity to create product bundles, and upsell and cross-sell to new and existing customers. 

While it is okay to aggressively market your products and services during the holiday season, there are also some pitfalls you should avoid and that’s why we’ve put together these tips for you. 

Here are a few of them:

Not designing your campaign for your target audience

Any campaign that is done without having a target audience is most likely a waste of resources. Find out your marketing audience and direct your campaign to them.

Late planning

Once you are late in brainstorming about the holiday marketing strategy to use, your brand is more likely to go through some hassles due to the rush hour preparation. You are likely to miss out on important things to include in your campaign.

Focusing on only one marketing tactic

Many entrepreneurs love to focus on their usual marketing technique and this may not produce the desired result. Find out new techniques you can use and utilize them.

Focusing only on Christmas

Christmas isn’t the only celebration of the year. Don’t assume that all your customers celebrate Christmas. Find out other important dates and create campaigns to suit them.

Not having enough stock

There is a high possibility of customer influx during the holiday season. Therefore, it would be unwise of business owners to just focus on marketing without restocking to accommodate the expected influx.

Not upgrading the website to accommodate customer influx

It has become common for customers to experience technical hitches while trying to shop online during the holidays season. This can be avoided if the website is upgraded before time to accommodate the expected traffic.

We would love to see your marketing campaign succeed this year. If you would like to have marketing materials that will help promote your business, click here.