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Three Ways To Use Stickers To Grow Your Food Business

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From car bumpers and windscreens to neighbours’ front doors, down to souvenirs from owambe, you must have noticed stickers in everyday use in different colours, shapes and sizes. But small business owners have often struggled with how to effectively use stickers for the proper marketing of their businesses.

Whether you run a canteen or deal strictly in events, these 3 tips will come in handy for you to start using stickers correctly for the rapid growth of your business.

  1. Information Dissemination

Compared to other large format marketing print tools, Stickers can be creatively designed to beautify your restaurant (if you own one), or your stand (for exhibition purposes). At the same time, they can double as an avenue for disseminating relevant information such as opening hours, wifi password, popular quotes, special dishes et’al.

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  1. As souvenirs

There are unique ways you can design your stickers such that they look appealing when handed out to customers as souvenirs. When customers love it, they’d gladly stick it. This will prompt everyone in their circle who comes in contact with it to ask questions. Another conversation about your brand will commence. Remember, you only gave away a sticker.


  1. Branding & Packaging tool

Stickers (when well made) can be used in point of sale materials such as wall branding, danglers and signage. Stickers help improve brand, aesthetics and overall ambience of a business.


Now that you know a few more ways to use stickers to improve your brand, why not take charge right away?

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