Seven Tips to creating Flyers and Handbill for Small Businesses

6 Jun

Flyer Printing for Lagos

  1. Use Customers Testimonials

This helps you add lots of credibility to your small brand, your services and your products. Ensure your testimonials come from real people and real customers of your business, people trust you more when they see people they know talk about your brand in credible ways

  1. Keep it simple

Don’t try to get all the information about your business on a piece of A5 handbill, try and focus on the main things that will make people want to buy from you.

  1. Use full colour and pictures of real people

People are attracted to people and fascinating pictures that communicate with them. Use this well and calls will come in .If you have the budget, print in full detailed colours, offers full coloured flyers at the same really affordable prices. Creative use of greyscale or two colour prints too are great for marketing.

  1. Distribute them widely

Lagos is a big city with great hubs, restaurants and traffic. Use the avenues to get your small businesses in the hands of your target audience, same goes for Abuja, Port Harcourt and any other city your business is being operated. Send your handbills to every corner of your city.

  1. Don’t run on cheap on photo

Buy real local pictures that your audience can resonate with. Use pictures that people can connect with. We advise our customers to buy local pictures from awesome local sites like

  1. Include a coupon code

People love discount, we all love to pay less for more, add a coupon code to your flyers. It makes everyone that receives them keep the flyers and it makes them take the buying decision. Your coupon also helps you get insight on which area your best responses come from.

  1. Print High Quality Flyers

This is very important. The perception your marketing flyer creates is highly dependent on print quality. Create awesome flyers using our’s DIY tool, call in for bespoke design help or just upload yours.

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