Three Ways To Boost Employee Morale Using Print

6 Aug

As a business owner, making the most of your employed resources will always be a major goal. However, while every other of these resources need little or no motivation to perform as expected, employees, like gym addicts need to constantly get motivated to enable them perform at their best.

Below are a few ways you can achieve this with prints without having to break a bank:

1. Redesign the work environment

Work environment is in most cases are as important as salary, Hence the need to always keep it beautifully inspiring. While spending on wall coverings (such as Graffiti and premium paintings) might gulp more than expected from your budget, simple moves such as hanging creatively designed snapper frames on the walls, inscribing inspiring texts on flower vases using paints, or going a bit further by using special stickers in naming different sections of the work space after places, people or events having a strong affinity with the values of the company will do a lot in igniting the employees’ willingness to work.


The greatest advantage of snapper frames is that you can always change it’s content at will.


2. Make them professional identity cards

(which includes business cards and ID cards)

A lot of businesses have ID cards handed over to employees form the first day of work, but only a handful consider creating customised business cards for every of these employees, with the most popular excuses being: they don’t need it OR it’s too expensive

Business card sample

A dummy Business card customised for a Printivo Staff.

From the most senior to the janitor, giving employees a sense of belonging is one of the most prominent strategies an employer should learn to use. Doing this will to a large extent boost employees’ confidence and in turn, their level of productivity.


3. Make them carry their motivation around


While snapper frames (as explained above) are best for beautification and as such are fit for the walls. There’s need for you to subliminally make your employees keep up their motivation within and without the work space.

Simple moves such as Inscribing employees’ favourite quotes on items like mouse pads, magic mugs and custom T shirts might just be the joker you’ve all along been searching for.


You needn’t wait any longer. Take that decisive step and watch how even the most underrated of your employees will turn around to shock you with results.

Are there other tricks you feel should have been included in this list? Please feel free to drop them in the comment box and we’d surely acknowledge it!