Seven smart ways to boost your business in the New year

31 Dec

printivo_happy_new_yearAs we all prepare to embrace the new year with awesome plans to grow our businesses better in 2018. Here are seven smart things you can do to boost your business in the new year.

1. Set achievable goals for every area of your business.

In plan words, plan ahead for everything and find ways to get things done cheaper, faster and more efficiently. Be specific about each goals on how, when and  who will execute. Write down every detail step hit the ground running in the new year.

2. Use technology like a boss.

Forget what they told you about nothing serious happening on social media. Small businesses are growing using the possibilities of social media and other great marketing platforms made easy by technology. Take time to learn how the internet can help you drive business growth and go ahead to take actions. It’s your business, Grow It. Continue reading

Four Holiday Gifts You Can Send After Christmas day

22 Dec

Think it’s too late to send out gifts this season? Think again. Missing the Christmas day deadline obviously does not mean you cannot share awesome branded gifts with your loved ones. Gifts with “Happy Holiday” and “Season’s Greetings” comes in handing for this reason. We don’t just celebrate Christmas day, we celebrate the season as whole. Here are four amazing gifts you can share all through the holiday season and into the new year.

Personalized Mugs

mug new

Wow your friends, families and customers with personalized mugs and watch them rock it in the new year remembering you every time they drink their coffee Continue reading

Four Affordable Ways to Show Love This Season

6 Dec

Christmas is here and as we all exchange gifts and love this wonderful season, here are four awesome affordable ways to show love and be remembered this season and even in the new year.

1. Custom Photo Mugs

Imagine your baby’s picture, family group photos, office selfie or special moments printed on Photo Mugs you send out this Christmas for just ₦1,999 and shipped to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria? Well, you can easily do that on now using 100s of free templates on the site. Continue reading

Five Print Products to Promote Your Business This Christmas Season

9 Nov

The holiday seasons comes with great opportunities for brands to boost awareness and connect with their customers. However most small business owners believe holiday season branding activities is for the big brands.  Here are five awesome affordable print products for you this season.

1. Greeting Cards


Create awesome greeting cards for your brands and send to your customers this holiday season. Prices starting from as low as ‎₦250. Continue reading

Four Reasons You Should Start Planning Your Christmas Gifts Now

15 Oct


It’s few weeks to Christmas and you are wondering “why should I start making plans for corporate gifts this early?” Well, this is the best time to start. While many believe there’s still enough time, others are already making moves and putting together everything they need to give to friends and businesses associates this Christmas season.

We thought to share with you few reasons you should start making your plans now. Continue reading