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Printivo Marketplace vs. Printivo Merch store: Understanding the Key Differences

Are you confused about the difference between Printivo Marketplace and Printivo Merch store?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

I understand the confusion, which is why I have created this post to help you understand the differences between these two platforms.

 Printivo Marketplace and Merch Store

Here are some key differences between the Printivo Marketplace and Printivo Merch store :

1. Definition:

the Printivo Marketplace and Printivo Merch store are two distinct platforms that serve different purposes. While the Marketplace is designed for designers to create product templates and earn royalties, the Merch store is designed for individuals, companies, and communities to sell merchandise items for a specific cause or purpose/event.

2. Location:

the URL to sign up for the marketplace is, while that of the merch store is

3. Making Money:

The Printivo Marketplace was designed to allow designers to create product templates for Printivo customers to use, and when a customer uses a designer’s template, the designer gets 15% of the value of such a product in the form of royalty. In contrast, Printivo Merch store owners don’t get royalties. Instead, they get the amount of profit they’ve set on each product.

4. Product visibility:

all Printivo customers can see products in the Printivo Marketplace, but merch store products are only visible to the audience the store owner wants. This means that merch store owners have control over who sees their products, whereas Printivo Marketplace products are visible to a wider audience.

5. Product restrictions:

marketplace owners must submit template designs for approval before they can be shown on the Printivo website. In contrast, Merch store owners have 100% freedom to put any design on their product. This means that Marketplace owners have to follow specific design guidelines and restrictions, while Merch store owners have more creative freedom.

6. Target audience:

the Printivo Marketplace is best suited for designers who are looking to make extra income. On the other hand, the Printivo Merch store is largely for communities, companies, influencers, and individuals who simply want to sell Merch items for a specific cause or purpose/event.

Learn more about the Marketplace Here


In conclusion, understanding the differences between Printivo Marketplace and Printivo Merch store is crucial for anyone looking to use these platforms. If you are a designer looking to make extra income, the Marketplace is the best fit for you. However, if you want to sell merchandise items for a specific cause or purpose/event, the Merch store is the better option.

Printivo Marketplace

The Printivo Marketplace

Printivo Marketplace

The Printivo Market Place

Graduating students who are used to forcing everyone to contribute for class t-shirts, face caps, etc,
Designers who want to earn more,
Communities and movements that want to get the word out and still earn from members and followers,
Religious associations and fellowships, that want to share God’s words through print and get members to buy,
The Printivo Market place is for you!

Printivo Marketplace

Design Rejection- Five Smart Ways To Evade It

Of all the problems plaguing the Printivo marketplace, design rejection seems to be the most notorious. In truth, we all hate when that happens and this is why we’ve put together these five most popular reasons why designs get rejected in droves.

Facial expression of a store woner whose design just got rejected

Type of File

Now, most designs done outside the marketplace software are saved and uploaded in three possible file types: JPEG, PNG, and PDF. These will be explained in depth later