Facial expression of a store woner whose design just got rejected
Printivo Marketplace

Design Rejection- Five Smart Ways To Evade It

Of all the problems plaguing the Printivo marketplace, design rejection seems to be the most notorious. In truth, we all hate when that happens and this is why we’ve put together these five most popular reasons why designs get rejected in droves.

Facial expression of a store woner whose design just got rejected

Type of File

Now, most designs done outside the marketplace software are saved and uploaded in three possible file types: JPEG, PNG, and PDF. These will be explained in depth later but to speed things up, you can do some research. Now JPEG design files automatically save with a white background, and this shows up with your design sitting in a white box, which wouldn’t look nice on a colored background. It looks better if you have a design with no background. and this can be achieved with png and PDF files.


Using a floral, watercolor or any kind or patterned background without text or context isn’t advised. it’s perceived as plain and the design won’t mean much to a customer. Words resonate more with people and give the product a chance to touch the emotions of the customer.

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This may come as a surprise but when you attach a design to the wrong tag, it will get rejected. An example is making a design on any product for a wedding or valentines day and putting it on a Faith or Sports or Cooperate tag. This messes with the search system available to the customer to get to their desired section quickly and the design will be denied.


As a designer,we’re guilty of getting carried away with how impressive a design we’ve made is, and often forget to make it generally appealing. The goal of the marketplace is to get your designs to consumers but those designs have to be appealing to the general audience and not just what you would like. So whether it’s a quote or a piece of art or a picture, the end goal is to make the customers want it ‘for themselves’ when they see it.

Similar designs

We know how great it feels when a design is approved and the desire to keep that approval ball rolling. But if the same design is tweaked or the color is changed, it won’t be approved again. Once one amazing design is approved, variations of it with subtle changes won’t be approved along with it. So let’s try to dig deep and be original all the time.

Now that the air has been cleared, you now own the mantle. We charge you to go all out and unleash the creativity we know you’ve always had.