SME Tips

Significant ways to promote your business using social media marketing.

In recent times, social media marketing has become an absolute must for most businesses.
Today, we will be sharing with you significant ways to promote your business using social media.

1. Choose the Right Platforms

With lots of social media sites available, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Telegram, amongst others,
you should consider your customers and your business to determine the channel you’ll use.
You should stay where your target audiences are.
Conduct some study to determine what sites your audience uses, and then use them too.

2. Have a Content Plan

Creating a content calendar and having plans on what to post in advance will help you create better strategies on how to meet your content goals.
Rushing to create posts at the last minute can lead to low-quality content.

3. Interaction

Social media is meant to be social. Therefore it’s important businesses encourage interaction. Think of it as a two-way communication system. So, post content that people would like to read, like, repost, ask questions, and comment on.

4. Avoid Selling Too Hard

Over advertising, your business on your social media platforms will keep your audience away, especially when they’ve seen too much.
It shouldn’t always be about you.
You can share articles, comment on current events, or ask a question. It’s okay to mention your brand in these posts; just be careful not to sell too hard.

5. Public Relations

No matter the amount of positive feedback you received on social media, occasionally you may encounter someone who is upset, contentious, or has something negative to say about your company.
If you sight a problem, engage with the person by publicly apologizing if necessary and offer to solve the problem over a direct message (DM) exchange. This way, people who see the post know you were responsive but don’t have to see all the specifics of the problem.

6. Always Provide Value

Possibly the most important thing you can do on social media is to provide value to your followers. Create something that your audience will find useful. It could be something that tells them something that entertains or inspire them or anything else that’s beneficial in some way.

7. Community Building

Instead of trying to get as many followers as possible, focus on finding customers who are interested, loyal, and engaged. These people are more likely to repost your content, like your posts, and become customers.
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