how to support small businesses
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How to support small businesses

How you can help small online businesses to grow 

In recent times, many people have evolved from working a 9-5 job to owning their own businesses. Starting from a small scale and growing into large firms.

These large businesses we see everywhere started from being small businesses and with lots of factors and support in place, they grew and expanded.

So, other than patronizing small businesses, there are other easy ways you can help them grow.

how to support small businesses

Below are ways you can help small businesses grow


1. Share their posts

When you see a small business, and you decide to share or repost their business, you are contributing to helping the small business get awareness and this will allow more people to know about the business and also help the business grow.

2. Like and comment on their posts on social media

Little things like dropping a comment and liking a post you see on social media can help a small business grow because it makes their products appear on other people’s pages too and in your own little way you’ve helped their business.

3. Tell the world about their business 

Sharing does not have to happen on social media alone. Referring to a friend and telling the people around you about a business is also a great way to help small businesses grow.

4. Share your testimonies

When you patronize a small business and you liked their services it would go a long way if you tell them how much the services they provided helped you so they can always have reviews to go back to. 

5. Privately tell them about their faults

Also, share the negative reviews in their personal dm so they can make changes. By doing this you are protecting the name of the brand and also giving room to change unlike when you put it out there and others won’t even want to give such business the benefit of the doubt or even patronize them ever again.

6. Pay full price 

A lot of small businesses we know are owned by people we know and we shouldn’t take this as an opportunity to always ask for a discount because if you keep doing that it will affect the profit of the business and also affect the growth of the business. 


All these are a few of the ways you can help a small business grow.

Oya, head on to our social media pages and start implementing what you have learned.