Smart Ways to Make Your Business Cards Your Greatest Marketing Tool

We give out business cards every day and every time when the opportunity arises without even realizing what these little 2 x 3.5 inch piece of cards can actually achieve for us. Business cards are everywhere and have remained super important in a digital world. Here are 7 ways to spin your business card from an ordinary piece of paper to your best marketing tool.


1. Be creative

We once printed business cards for a photographer who wrote “I shoot people” on one side of business cards and on the other side he had an image of a camera, his name, his twitter handle and phone numbers. These are conversation starters. You business cards should carry something that will make people keep and remember them. Use images, text or infographics in simple but yet productive ways.

2. Use Images

Printivo offers customers the ability to add image and real beautiful pictures to their business cards. These create a strong connection with your audience. If you are a speaker, an online personality creating a business with your pictures on it will make people go crazy for you see Sisi Yemmie’s Blog

3. Track It

Add a QR code to your business card on track, how many times people used/scammed your code. Besides, QR codes are beautiful on cards when used well. You can embed your contact details, your website address and other information on business cards with’s QR code tool.

4. Keep a pack of business cards close every time

Every interaction with people is an opportunity to build your brand. Keep your business cards in a neat pouch and keep it with you everywhere you go. You never can tell when you will run  into Dangote or Otedola.

5. Add your Social Media links and Handles

Help people find you on social platforms after they have met you. You don’t want prospect having to search for your name on Google before connecting with you at a networking session. Your social media accounts gives people access to connect with you, help them find you with ease. You sure want to bring your offline contacts to your online community

6. Print awesomely beautiful business cards

The quality of your business card is very important, every other thing fails if you hand out tacky business cards. Our full premium business cards ordered on has been working wonders for a lot of entrepreneurs.

7. Hand out your cards with respect,

Don’t push them at people when networking, give out your cards after a conversation and always ask for their cards first before handling out your own. You don’t want to appear desperate to give our your business. Don’t forget to give complements when you receive nicely designed and printed cards. Everyone love complements.

You can order your own business cards and have it shipped to you anywhere in Nigeria on here.

Note: When building a business from scratch, you are brand and your brand is you. Move around with a pack of great looking business cards. Go out there and be awesome.



By Oluyomi Ojo

Printivo is an online print provider providing it customers with free templates created by designers across Nigeria.