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Six Essentials to Know When Selecting an Invitation Card



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Every special occasion requires a unique invitation card. It does not only shows the emotional connection to the invitees but also complements the importance of the event. Amongst other event arrangements, you have to get all the details on the invitation card correct. Anything ambiguous will start a question trivia on the day or before. Most people don’t like attending poorly planned events.

Here, we will discuss some of the most important things you have to decide while selecting an invitation card.


Personalized Style

You can choose the style of the invitation card either by the theme of the party or your personal preference. It might be vintage or modern. If you have already done some research on the images or themes you like, you can always show that to the printer, who might have a sample that matches your imagination. You can create a rough draft of the invitation card with the themes and images you have if you are good with graphics. You can have a professional printer or graphic designer fine-tune them

Visibility of Ink  

While choosing the color scheme, keep in mind that it should be clear and in contrast with the background. So, whatever you write in an invitation card is visible to the reader. Make sure to check the kind of ink used during printing as some of the ink are spoilt when they come in contact with the paper.

The type of paper will also complement the ink and enhance the writing. You also have to decide with regards to which font you will be using. Make sure to use a theme font and font size which visible and legible.


If you are going to post the invitation cards to your guests and relatives, then it’s a good idea to invest in stylish envelopes which balance the theme of your invitation card. Even if the cards are to be hand-delivered, you have to put them in envelopes.

The amount of investment you want to do on envelopes depends on the occasion, common white envelopes can be used as well if the event is a small one. On the other hand, if you have to post a card through the mail, it’s better to have an envelope that is durable enough so that the invitation card inside it is not ruined before it is received by your loved ones.

Number of cards

The number of invitation cards to be printed is decided after you have compiled the guest list. It’s feasible to print a couple of extra cards in case of any impromptu invitation. Be sure to print the optimal number of invitation cards because the leftovers will go in the trash and your money will be wasted.

Written message

This is the most important part of the invitation card. You have to choose the message or write it yourself. Moreover, the other essentials written on the invitation cards should also be decided like venue, day, date, dress code, R.S.V.P., etc.

The right message sent to the guests is powerful enough to get them to show up at your event. Any confusion might make them change their minds about the attendance or else you will be receiving hundreds of phone calls asking for specifications not mentioned in the invitation card.

Price and Material of Cards

Make sure to check the market for different quotations and sample designs for invitation cards. Some vendors might give you a reasonable price but compromise on the quality of materials used in printing the invitation cards. It is a bit stressful to search in the market and to check online but it is the only way you will be satisfied with your purchase. Always ask the vendor to print a sample for you first to check all the details are correct.


You must check each and everything discussed above, especially, when you have your first sample. It creates a lot of hassle when you have to get them to re-print in case of any problems or spelling errors.

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