Eight Creative Ways to Get Your Business Noticed with Banners and Posters

16 Jul

We all know that great looking banners and signs give your business the right exposure and attraction that it deserves. Our team came up with these ten ideas and tips you should consider to give your business the best attention when making your banners and posters.

1. Be Simple

A simple banner that convey your brand’s message will definitely create a unique communication for you. It’s not the number of design elements that matter but the message you pass through them. Use less words, simple images. If you can’t explain why a design element is there? Take it out.

2. Make Your logo obvious

We’ve all heard the saying “Make The Logo Bigger”, while designers don’t like this and clients love this to a fault. We advice you make the logo more obvious instead of making it bigger. When designing Banners and Posters, you have enough design space to play with unlike business cards and flyers so give your brand the exposure it deserves.

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3. Photos are Magical

Use great photographs seriously. People tend to love professional photos of your real works, real offices and real products over stock photos so try as much as possible to create banners and posters with awesome photos. However if you do not have the budget for this, go ahead and use stock photos that your audience can connect with.

4. Offer give-aways and incentives

Everyone will stop by to check a banner with great overs and incentives.  Your banners and posters is a great way to show prospective customers how they can save more by patronizing your business. The words FREE, OFFER, DISCOUNT, GIVEAWAY, and COUPON makes everyone of us turn our heads and listen.

5. Contact information is critical

They have seen your posters and banners, they love your business, they like your brand and will love to patronize you. So you how will they find you?. This is where your contact details matter. Add your phone number, physical address, website, emails etc.

6. Go social, Show them the way

Use your banners to persuade your existing customers and potential ones to connect with you on social media platforms. Let your banners and posters tell them where they can find you online. Share your social media links. Use your prints to drive online engagements.

7. Always display your banners and signs.

A business without branding is a sign of no business. At your store, keep your banners and signs open always for passerbys and visitors to see. Apart from creating great branding and awareness for your business environment, it also shows you know what you are doing.

8. Great copy writing makes a lot of difference

People will always remember the message on your posters and banners if your convey them well using the power of words. Words are powerful when expressed well, use great copy writing to engage and persuade people to buy from your brand.


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