5 Etiquettes On Chatting With Customers The Right Way

4 Oct

Considering the continuous rise in the influence social media is having in the E-commerce space, it’s undeniable that enough attention needs be bestowed on communicating with customers through this channel.

Below are common mistakes small business owners make when chatting with their customers and suggestions on how to correct them.

1. Response time

Treat each mail/chat exactly as you would do to a face-to-face conversation. There’s a higher chance of converting and treating customers’ complaints better when their messages are promptly answered. A slow response rate might be an opened warm embrace for your customers from your competitors. It becomes worse when these competitors are faster.

Tip: and ideal response time-frame is between (3 seconds to 1 minute).


2. Auto response

This looks cool for a first time customer, but can become slightly irritating with subsequent chats when they get the same auto-response when they reach out.

Tip: try as much as you can to make your responses as human as possible, this definitely becomes very useful when you’ve perfected the art of (1) above.


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3. Promising VS Commitment

Sometimes during chats, situations will require you to put to test your credibility through your words. As tempting as it might be, try not to promise a customer, especially when the solution to this issue will require the input of an external body or factor, which in most times might deter you from fulfilling  your promises.

Tip: It’s more advisable you commit yourself into solving the problem at hand.


4. Sensitivity

It’s very possible to detect the mood of your customers via chat. Be observant, figure what their mood is and use that as a point of establishing a more in-depth conversation. You’d be surprised at how far this will go in your ability to retaining these customers.


5. Add Yours

Is there any other point you think we’ve missed out? Please share using the comment box below.

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