Three ways to use printing to boost your online brand influence

6 Jun


1. Include Your Social Accounts On All Marketing Materials You Print.

One smart thing to do is to add your social accounts on all your printed materials; Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, T-shirts, Mugs, Flyers etc. This gives you quality followers as people who have actually interacted with you in person and in real life start following you on social media, you begin to bring on offline connections into you online network

2. Include all online campaigns on all printed communications

When you have online campaigns going on and you are sending out printed marketing materials include links and hash tags for people to join the conversation. You will be surprised the number of real people that will join your conversation.

3. Create your own offline events, meetups and gatherings of people who believe in your brand

Bring together people who believe in you brand at your events, build a strong offline community that’s a total reflection of your online community. Gift out gifts, merchandise and marketing materials with your online/social media accounts printed. Remember to add call to actions for example: Follow us on Instagram, Stay connected. Like us on Facebook, Join the conversations on Twitter #OurBusinessPage etc.

Life does not started and end online, get real people following your brand. You will be surprised what you can actually achieve.




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