Take These Seven Business Cards Tips Seriously

4 Jul

1. Simplicity. 


A simple business card will beat anyone, simplicity they say, is the ultimate sophistication. Creating a business card that is simple, unique and void of unnecessary graphic elements will make your business look classy and will be taken seriously.


2. Logos

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How you position your company’s logo on your business cards matter a lot. Position your logo where it will be clearly and seen and try not to make it too large. Many of us make this mistake as we believe a big logo is important on our business cards. Keep moderation in mind, you want people to see your company logo but it’s obviously not the only thing on your business card.


3. Creative use of images


Images when used creatively on business cards make them unique and unforgettable. You want a business card that will invoke some level of emotion with images that stuck. If you can make good use of images for your cards, go and ahead and do it.


4. Use of Color

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Ensure you stick with your colors when designing your business cards, stick with a maximum of 2-3 colors on your business cards. Your plan is for your business cards to look its bests and not look like a rainbow. Use colors that work well together. Light texts on dark background and vise versa. Keep contrast in mind at every level of your design. Design for people, for the eyes and for their hearts.


5. Fonts and Typography


If you have a font that is unique to your brand, go ahead and make use of it on every art of your business cards and keep every thing consistent. Stay away from the temptation of believing you should use all the fonts in the world on your business cards to make a mark. Two fonts is okay and if your must push beyond this, maximum is three. Use clear serif or sans serif fonts for information that are crucial for people to read. You don’t want to use decorative fonts for your contact details and have people straining their eyes to get your phone numbers off your business cards


6. Social Media Links


Your social media link today is important on every piece of marketing material you put out their starting with your business cards. You want people to be able to connect with you on LinkedIn, Twitter and social media platforms that are relevant to you after meeting you at a conference or networking event.


7. Print Quality


We are putting this as the last because even if you get everything else right, this has the power to destroy it all. The print quality of your business cards is VERY important. From the type of card stock, finishing, lamination, rounded corner or full color print or monochrome. Everything is important. Print quality trumps everything.

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