Seven Great Ways To Keep Your Team Happy

1 Mar

To some, it’s authenticity, to others, it’s social mission while many more won’t think twice before blurting out cost reduction as the best strategy to improving a company’s success. Though the aforementioned strategies aren’t bad, but its so sad to know how much many companies (save for a very few), fail to recognize how much ‘focusing on employees’ happiness can spur a firm to an unimaginable height within a very short stint.
To save your time since its been over-said that it equals money, we’d quickly delve into cheap and inexpensive ways to focus on employees and how these moves will in turn make them happy, hence leading to greater productivity which will enable your company outsmart competition.

1. Brand them
Placing this first is a deliberate attempt.
Branding can take various forms, but for the sake of this topic, we are going to focus on the most effective of all which is branding through prints. To make this sink, put yourself in the shoes of a new employee who resumed to discover the following on his desk: A customized mug, mouse pad, company’s card and a casual company’s sweatshirt (all bearing his name and other personal details). Quickly check to have a clearer picture of how this can be achieved.
Now, try imagining how this move will affect such employee’s sense of belonging.

2. Perks will do a lot.
Defined according to the Cambridge English Dictionary as an advantage or something extra, such as money or goods, that you are given because of your job.
Thence, affordable ones such as free haircut (at least once monthly), lunch (an egg and a cup of coffee costs around $0.3 if you can’t go all out). Travel works too, and for those who don’t cherish excursions, giving them travel bonuses at least once a year won’t hurt.

3. Train! Train! Train!
Don’t mistake this for the beast that runs on tracks, but if that’s what first popped in, ‘nothing spoil.’
what we are saying here is that salaries and bonuses, (no matter how huge the figures) will be spent on personal upkeep and or family, but on the flip-side whatever training you give your employees will remain with them forever. These training can either be directly from you or a trusted partner who you know can make a positive impact. And at the end, you’d realize that aside boosting their confidence, this approach will improve drastically employees productivity owing to the fact that they are now more equipped.

4. Celebrate their special days
Ok, we understand that you usually sing for the celebrants and even go as far as ordering for cakes for every celebrant. But it got to a time you had to stop ordering for cakes on discovering that about 4 of your employees celebrated their birthdays in a particular month.
A good idea here will be to celebrate all celebrants once in a month by making just one beautiful moderate cake for them. To spice things up, you can also order for a beautifully designed banner bearing the names of the celebrants which will be hung in a strategic place within the office.

5. Create a great work environment
You might not fully understand how this is necessary but an insight into how google designs their offices will surely help.

Whether or not you checked that link does not disqualify the fact that a workplace which motivates and moves the employee to always want to come to the office is the type every forward-looking  boss should think about. the more an office looks more like a relaxation centre, the better it will do in motivating employees.

6. Making time out for them. Bond with your team
unless you start, you mightn’t know how terrific the effect of making out time to discuss with your employees is. This act makes them feel very important and involved. It motivates them too and gets them even more productive than they thought they could be (depending on how often you do so).

Obviously, all these come at a cost for any company that wishes to adopt any. But so does employee dissatisfaction and high turnover. As a boss, it is important to note that there is a lot of competition for talent especially in this era when startups and other technologically conscious companies are springing up everywhere. Therefore, when you can retain your employees, it means less time and money spent recruiting.

7. Add yours if you have any addition to make or if you’ve had any experience on companies that either do well or in ensuring employees’ happiness.