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Best business cards tips and how to design one of your own

Best business cards are able to send a powerful message to prospective customers. If you want more business you need to improve your image. Your business card is the first place to start, as it creates strong first impression about the company and can impact final decision making of your potential clients.

If you don’t sell yourself as a strong, reliable and professional company, your potential customers will walk away, even if you can deliver a better product or service than your competitors.

Remember, you will never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Therefore, it’s very useful to know that many of the best business cards designs are created with principles of balance and harmony or Feng shui in mind. Feng shui business card design can provide an unfair advantage over your competitors. It can also help you to generate more sales, attract higher quality clients, loyal employees and top advisors and mentors.

No, it’s not a magic. It’s a simple knowledge of proper information and logo placement, powerful and balanced use of colors, shapes and type of font for your specific type of business.

So, what are the best business cards secrets? Let’s review 10 most common business card mistakes first. Then let’s reveal the best business cards tips and their ability to improve your business.

10 most common business card mistakes:

1. Does not stand out or evoke positive feelings.
2. Does not clearly define a type of business or services you offer
3. Does not have correct order and placement of important information
4. It’s too cluttered or too disorganized
5. Missing important information
6. Poor quality
7. Does not use good color or color combinations
8. Does not use proper size and type of font
9. Does not have a company slogan or unique selling proposition
10. Is not used or distributed enough

It’s also important to realize that it’s Ok to spend money on the best business card design and quality printing, as they will increase your profits. Your business card is very important marketing tool that can help create a strong business image as well as attract potential buyers.

You should only design your logo and business card once. Make sure to use same elements, slogan and logo continuously for the rest of your marketing tools, such as contracts, invoices, web sites, ads, company vehicles, etc.

Best Business Cards Tips:

1. Create and use your company logo
If you want to build a strong company and generate large profits, you should invest in the logo. It’s highly recommended to apply feng shui 5 elements principles when you create your logo. Feng shui principles help to create well balanced, harmonious and prosperous logo, not just any logo!

Both you and your profession are represented by either, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water element. These elements are further represented by specific shapes, colors, supportive or destructive cycle. You can already see how careful you need to be when combining energy patterns of any of these elements to create successful and powerful logo or business card.

2. Choose a company name that clearly specifies your business.
It’s another powerful way of marketing your business and making your company stand out from the crowd. A good company name is short, sharp and makes an instant positive connection with your customers. For instance, Gargas Roofing Inc is preferable to Gargas Services Inc

3. Create a slogan or unique selling proposition
Best business cards include short tagline that makes the company unique and memorable. Good example is Nike slogan Just Do It! Or you can tell your customers why they should do the business with you. For instance: Family Operated and Owned Since 1990 or We Do and Guarantee Our Work.

4. Be careful how you arrange information on your business card.
Information placement is one of the most important but very often overlooked element of successful business card design. Use Feng shui principles to avoid costly mistakes.

Each row and column have their own significance. For instance, a top row should contain only the most important information as it represents growth, trust, power, fame, results, and success. What belongs to the bottom row? Absolutely nothing important!

Did you know that if your company’s name appears at the bottom of the business card, there is only 5% chance that your company will survive for more than 5 years? Business will face many difficulties, unforeseen problems, bad employees.., and it won’t be strong enough to recover.
If your personal name appears at the bottom row instead, you will carry a lot of unnecessary burden.

5. Use Color
Colors are very important to us and good color combination of your business card can evoke immediate positive response and create emotional bond with your clients. If you need help, feng shui business colors and their properties can help you to select the best colors for your business goals.

There are many additional important aspects that can be applied to enhance your business card. According to your type of business, you can consider adding your photograph, map, business hours, awards and associations, website, etc.

Authour: Marcela Gargas