Design Store Tutorials & Guides

How to set up your Printivo Store

A store is your personal URL on Printivo. This is where you showcase your best selling designs and allow printivo customers and your fans and friends to see all products that you have created. Your store allows you to highlight and promote your own brand and style on Printivo!You can easily create your own store within minutes and it’s totally FREE. You will never have to pay to create or sell designs on your Printivo Store, So Signup for your free account, and get started on your store now. This is the beginning of something big for you. Your products will appear on the main Printivo website ( and on your store URL as well. This means increased OTS: opportunity to sell for you.

What is unique about your store?

You own custom URL: 

  • Your own store banner
  • Your logo
  • A description of your store so everyone can know what you stand for
  • A share button to share your store with your fans every day and everywhere.
  • Zero setup fees, Zero strings attached

Make Money seamlessly

Understanding our product categories

There two types products on the website:

  1. Template products
  2. Custom products

Template Products: These are products that get customised by Printivo customers. Every design element eg Image and texts on template products are placeholders and get edited by the customers. Example of template product include business cards, letterheads, flyers, etc


Custom & Artistic Products: These products require little or no customization for customers to purchase them. They are driven by the uniqueness of the idea, their attachment to a movement, a community, slang, memes and things that are in vogue. Examples include mugs, iPhone cases, bags and t-shirts.




How to add design and products to your store

Creating products on Printivo is easy. You can easily add products to your store in just a few seconds and with few steps. Once you have set-up us your Printivo Store.

  1. Login into your account

  2. Open your dashboard

  3. Click on upload design

  4. Click on the product you want to add to your store. The Printivo design tool will open and you can easily begin adding designs to your store.
  5. design tool.png
  6. Use the insert Object tool to insert Images, texts, barcodes and  the property bar to edit your texts and images
  7. Click proceed, Name your design, add a description, tags and more elements that can help customers discover your designs easily.

  8. Your design is now ready to go live. Click PUBLISH MY DESIGN. Our team will review your design and get it live.

  9. Start sharing your store and earning on your designs. You will see how the products on your store are performing on our site.


Adding Images to your design

The rule is to ensure that it’s a no-background PNG format. This will help avoid white border lines around your images when inserted on your product.

Beardgang1.png              Beardgang.png

Use the insert image button to add your image to your product. If you would like to add editable text (To allow customers add some form of customization to your product. Simply add text using the text tool. You may also add an image from Printivo Image Library.




design UI.png